Friday, December 28, 2012


Last winter i wore a varsity jacket  HERE and i got numerous msg frm ppl asking me where did i get it frm? I had actually ordered it frm the UK as it was very difficult to find it here and as every bloggers were seeing wearing one i had to have it so i asked my sister overseas to send it for me.. it's not tht we didnt have it here there were some shops who sold varsity but i didnt quite liked the very few pieces tht were sold here i wanted leather in sleeve part...and as i said in my earlier post tht fashion comes a year late in our country,varsity jackets did come in shops of our country this year and how it came?,MYGOD, u can see everyone and anyone wearing varsity jackets it's been sold almost everywhere. varsity jackets are overused in ktm right now..U look left,u look right there is one or the other person wearing varsity jacket and it's been too common and i hate wearing things tht are common and i had made up my mind on never ever touching my varsity jacket but i had one tht was yet to be worn and i thought i would never have a chance to wear it ever again..

Monday, December 24, 2012


                  This is the first question all our teacher asks us in their first class ofcourse after the introduction part and i go "ummm uhh ummm because i was interested" darn is tht even an answer?? And trust me wen i say all the student i literally mean all gives the same answer so in this post i would like to tell why i really chose fashion designing since i am not very expressive verbally.. Give me a topic and i can write pages but make me say it and i cant even say few sentence,tht's me and im sure there are lots like me..YOU yes you,you too are same ryt?? noo??? ok tht's just me then.. Okay let me go back to the topic why i chose this subject..
 Well like many of u, i too said my aim was to be a doctor till grade 5 and frm grade 6 i said i wanted to be a fashion designer just because i thought it was very interesting and fun and glamorous and...uhhh.. cool??? :P.. I had a viva for english language and the teacher there asked me wht do u want to be wen u grow up and why?? and i said i want to be a fashion designer and he interupted saying wht do exactly mean by fashion designer?? and i went blank again ummm uhh fashion designer means uhh making clothes to umm people to make them look fashionable..hahhahahh (dont judge me i was just in class 5-6) Okay and life went on i gave my slc,went to college etc etc and i failed my 12 board and i had a break for a yr to prepare for it,tht's wen i learnt more about fashion blogs,lookbook etc and i got so committed to it tht i wanted to wear wht ppl wore there but alas our country being one of the least fashionable country,it was very hard to find clothes tht was a major hit in the top fashionable countries or we can say fashion use to come a year late here and it still does though and tht's wen i thought i am going to study fashion designing and i'll make my own outfit,i dont have to wait for particular thing to come in the market and the one person who inspired me the most was a indian/nepali blogger Rohini Rai.. She didnt had any educational background in fashion designing yet she made so beautiful clothes herself.. Her blog and her work made me go fill the form for my college, so honey if u're reading this thnx and ya i love u.. :)

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey lovelies
          Pre warning this is not an outfit post.
Actually i had my post ready and i was thinking of posting it and i got a phone call saying "you're pictures are ready u can come and take it" and darn i was so excited i cant tell u how excited i was and i had to post this pictures before i couldnt wait till my next post.. The picture i am talking about are the wedding pictures tht he and me had photoshoot in a studio called "Milan international wedding photography". I want to share it with you guys so here it is

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hey bloggeristas!!
         I am here in my room,without my hair combed,cuddling in my bed lazily when all my classmates are probably in the college studying ryt now. I didnt go college cause i felt too lazy and my reason?? Mom and dad were out of country and they returned today first hour and i excitement build up within me to see all the stuffs they brought for me didn't let me go college. yea im still a kid in tht matter,i alwz have to be the first one to choose the stuffs tht i want, cause they bring stuffs for me and the sis and i dont want to left with the choices she left so i make sure im alwz the first one to choose dont judge me but im evil like tht.. :p ..But the sis she doesnt mind even if we are together she asks me to choose first aww and why am i like this???

Sunday, December 2, 2012


       This is an old picture,wait not tht old though some week old i guess or may be month?? whatever i forgot anyway this is the pic wen the sun was shining  bright,well now tht's old i guess.. I found this in one of my million folders i have (exaggerating) wen i went through all the folders and i just happened to know i havent kept this pic yet so here it is enjoy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


        I want to pre warn my readers tht this is no outfit post.. In this post i'd like to introduce our main festival "dashain" to those who doesnt know about it.. It is to all those international readers of mine..

 Dashain is the 15 days long festival of nepal. The festival falls around september/october starting frm the bright lunar fortnight and ending on the day of full moon.It is celebrated as it commemorated the victory of the god and goddesses over the demon. The festival is known for its emphasis on the family gatherings.people return from all parts of the world to celebrate together.

1- One gets to know that Dasain is around the corner when they see kites all over the sky. Flying kites has been a very important part of celebrating Dasain in the country as it is considered to be one way of reminding god not to send rain anymore. Not only the children of the family but during the festival you can see people of all ages in their roofs flying kites. Colorful kites of different shapes and voices shouting out 'Changa khat' (this phrase is usually used when one is successful in cutting the other person's kite) fill the days during the festival.

Friday, November 23, 2012


     In this post i am going to show u what i wore for dashain and for ppl who dont know wht dashain is ,i will explain about it in my next post so stay tuned.. :) .. well,when i go through other fahion blogger's blog i see how beautifully and how clearly they explain about their outfits and me on other hand i dont usually explain much about my outfit rather i blabber about other stuffs.. tht's how random i get everytime.. So in this post i warned myself no silly talks so there are the pictures..enjoy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


         So holiday's getting over and my heart beat is thumping louder and faster coz i haven't done my homework.. only 1 sketch and 1 essay for 1 whole month and i havent even started and to add it on i have loads of work pending omg i so screwed..god bless me..and here i am putting up a post at the last moment yes at the last moment even after i gave myself quite a good timeline but whether it's preparing in time or rushing at the last moment if i can come up with it it's fine ryt?? blog post every sunday and im doing it..
So here i am with the final part of our college programme.. i showed u my outfits now i'll show some of the pic of the programme. i have tons of pic and choosing only a few out of it is like so difficult..

                                                      HOST FOR THE PRGRAMME

Saturday, November 10, 2012


"I'LL COME UP WITH A NEW POST EVERY SUNDAY" tht's wht i promised myself because i've been very irregular in updating my blog.. so every once a week isnt too harsh for me and isnt too late too.. tht way i'll have a week  to write it down and stuffs and first thing i'll do in sunday is click the publish button tht's it i hope i am able to keep the promise.. So how have u been readers?? hope good .. As for me this week has been very harsh for me 1st my fb got hacked 2nd i lost my group page where i used to do online business 3rd i had to make a new page... Had a very hectic week.. The sad part is i know the ppl who hacked my acc and i cant do anything like nth coz we do not have such law do we??? but im planning something really serious for them to pay for so dear if u're reading it pls leave my group and give it back to me or else u'll pay for it and u'll pay BIG TIME.. So let's leave this here i would like to show u my second outfit for the programme and here it is enjoy..:)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


               Hope u all are doing great as for me i am sitting here idle staring at the screen,bored,watching some reality designing show in youtube,checking my fb again and again to see if there is something interesting but alas!there is nth as such so i thought why not write in my blog after all this is sort of my personal diary ryt?? A fashion diary actually but i do jot my down my feelings on various things here so i consider this as my diary too.. So why am i here inside my room bored much when everyone in my family is out having fun?? tht's my fault actually everyone went to watch "SKYFALL" and i choosed to stay back home.I am the one who jumps first wen we make plan for a movie coz i am a sucker for movie i watch it all whether it's a hit or a flop one but today i just felt like staying back home and dang a huge mistake it is..Argghhhh i should have gone nevermind i'll go some other day.. so instead of sitting here bored doing nth i thought of writing in my blog keeping it ready so whenever i feel like posting it i just have to click the publish button and it's done huge save of time ryt?? :p

Saturday, October 27, 2012


                I am back after a long long time.. had fun celebrating the most exotic and fun festival.... gained few lbs and played cards nonstop...anyway had gr8 time during the holiday and  the festival is done with but i still have long holiday so im making sure im going to be regular in blog posting.. i have been very very lazy lately but not now.. i am going to be a good blogger.. :P ..
                      So let's talk about my outfit..this is taken in my college where we were called to rehearse for the "dasain programme". i wore this floral pants because now finally the time has come to bid summer of 12 a goodbye and i did it by wearing this floral pant coz i wont be able to wear it in winter and wore this black net  shirt to go with and a coat coz we left early in the morning and it was a bit cold.. i didnt wanted to wear this shirt though i wanted to wear a bright shirt coz the pant and coat are lil dull color but since i said i am very lazy i coudnt find it and had to wear it but i wore this red shoes because of it...

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Finally!! yes finally i'm back in my blog...And since we have a long holiday for festival season i'll make sure i'm going to be regular.. i love everything about this festival except the fact tht i'm going to gain a lots of weight which already started though.. i've gained few pounds already which will be clearly visible in my pics below and god knows how much more will i gain during this break... ok so without much complain i'll leave u with the pics tht i clicked wen i had my college programme.. so enjoy and do tell how it looks..

Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is a quick post where i'll not be blabbering much coz im very busy ryt now.. we are renovating and painting the house and i am really really busy... The things at my house is a mess ryt now i cant find belongings thnk god i am been able to use net which will be gone in 1-2 days temporarily till i re-paint my room and till my room is complete...I still am very confused coz i dont know wht should i do to my room my furnitures are white in color with touch of brown in it and wht color paint should i use wht should be added ans wht not.. i've been browsing the net but not satisfied... if u happen to know any interior blogs or very beautiful pics of rooms and pls fell free to let me know...
                                   Ok as i said i will not be blabering much so i am leaving u with the pics tht i took in the 1st day of my shopping spree....enjoy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey there.. Long since i posted last..the lazyness has taken over me in such a way tht i cant explain it all...(maybe too lazy to do tht too)...nah kidding.. actually i am very busy in my work.. i've re-started my online shopping and am busy there all day apart from going to my collge though.. i cant risk my studies for tht can i?? if u girls havent heard about it yet or if u are my new reader let me tell u i have a group in facebook where i sell very beautiful dresses,shoes,bags,accesories name it i have it.. if u want to know more about it here it is
CLICK HERE . Have a look u might love it who knows?? ..

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hey lovelies!!
             I am back again..  my second semester started and again i am burdened with all the assignment and projects yet i took a break and blogged and it feels really good to be blogging.. I dont know about others but i love blogspot. Whenever i am  lazy or i have nth new in facebok and whenever i use the net i am mostly reading blogs.. i love tht..and i am quite sure u ppl  love it too... So in this post i thought of sharing my favourite blogger... I am actually a very big fan of Philipino bloggers... i just love the way they carry themselves very chic and stylish...well i dont have a particular favourite blogger coz i love all the blogs i read... but there's this 2 phillipino bloggers tht i love the most and they are:
I just love the way they dress up... so which are your favourite bloggers?? pls share through comments so tht we can see them..
well now back to my outfit.. i am wearing this animal print maxi dress tht i love... and the shoe tht matches the dress.. so check it out..

Thursday, August 16, 2012


The last post of mine was a old one as i said but mind me this one is even older..i just went through my pics and found out these pics and i find these pics very fun so i thought why not post it in my blog?? because my blog is all about fashion and anything tht is fun...These pictures are taken at durbar square wen i and my cousins planned to go and and spend a evening there loittering and having here it is..

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey Reader, I am back to my blog after a long long time..So long tht even my blog asked me to confirm tht its me who is signing in..  I was not blogging for this long period because i had some problem in my blog and i thought i wouldn't blog until i fix it but couldnt because i dont really know wht is wrong with my blog.. I hope u've noticed by now tht my blog doesnt show the pictures i've uploaded long back... i just shows pictures of my first 3 blogpost or so and after tht u cant see any pictures.. i dont know if its because of my poor internet connections.. i asked some of my frens check it out they said the same thing.. and pls do comment below if u cant see my previous pictures too...
          Anyway, putting those behind.. i've come up with outfit post tht i clicked long back. and i just didn't had time to post it.. so here it is.. enjoy and pls do let me know if u can see the pictures after the 3rd blog post

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Here i am again and this time i am blogging about the most important programme of our college "RED DAY"... this is the day where all the fashion designing student design an outfit and showcase it in the ramp walk in front of the judges... the student prepares for it months before the main event. all the student gets nervous and excited at the same time..
             Well lemme tell u how my red day started... me and my very lazy bestfrens red day got started with a phone call frm the teacher shouting at us to be in the venue asap coz the show is bout to start..and there we were doing everything in a hurry because we were the first ppl in the ramp walk and i was the contestant no.1 ie the show starter.. we went there at the venue expecting everyone top be angry with us because we werent on time but to our amusement the judge wasnt there yet and the show wasnt even ready to start yet and everyone was practising their rampwalk. so we went there practised our walk and after an hour or so the event started.. so here are the pictures of the show.. enjoy

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here i am again with my blog psot about fun in thailand..well i already showed the beautiful sceenery in thailand now its time for some more fun and outfit.. well to be true i didnt actually give much attention bout my outfit( i know i know tht's a sin for fashion bloggers) but i was so busy having fun i  just wanted my outfit to be comfy... i wore shorts and a tee and pair of slippers all the time there.. so i wouldnt actually call this a outfit post.. i would rather call it a fun post.. so enjoy something different for this time i promise to bring a outfit post in my next post....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I am back to my blog after long and hell!!it feels so good  writing again..i am back from my vacation.. I along with my cousin went to thailand for a short vacation and we had so much fun.. It was a short trip but it certainly was very amazing.. our plan  to go there happened just so quickly tht we hadnt prepared much for it and every elder member of the family betted we are not having any fun and it'll just be like did u go there?? yes i did kind of a trip not thing else..but we certainly proved them wrong and shocked ourselves...we went to phuket,pattaya and bangkok... we did every possible things we could in tht short time from snorkeling to scuba diving to parasailing to suntanning in the beach to shouting on top of our lungs to the dangerous games in dream world to prayer silently in the very beautiful temple to eating tons and tons tht made the beautiful body made in a year in gym to flappy body in a week to shopping till we dropped... we did it all... the only thing tht did dissapoint me was the so-called very important programme of the college where all the student must participate for which my trip got shortened got postponed after i came back.. like myan are u serious??? hadnt it been tht freaking programme i would have much more time for more fun..anyways keeping tht  aside here are the teaser for my trip... the putfit post with more fun will be up next time.. till then enjoy some part of it...

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hiya there everyone!!
   how'z my beautiful bloggeristas and my readers doing?? i hope fine.. well im here with yet another outfit post which is quite simple.... i wore this for my frens bday treat... it is a simple black and white dress with not much of details going on and i wore a black and white wedge shoes and added a french connection red bags  for a little oopmhh for the black and white outfit... here are the pic and enjoy babes...

Friday, June 8, 2012



Friday, June 1, 2012


   Isn't this place so lovely... I once felt like i am in the heaven surrounded by greenery,fresh air and clear water minus the dirt though... did u guys recognised the place btw?? oh yes!! this place is the old and quite famous "GODAWARI" which is now little neglected though... I went there with my bunch of friends and had a little fun time acting like hooligans shouting and dancing but having fun.. and in tht period of time i clicked some pic coz i couldnt resist the sceenery there...let me know how u found it

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The bandhs,haadtaal,rally, how are u guys taking it?? Since i was so overloaded with my works of college, we (iecians) were the most happy ones wen we heard of bandhs i guess.. we had our deadline to submit our skirts which we had to make and we had to submit 4 and i hadnt even completed 2.. so bandhs would mean more time for submission..we were excited as hell but it never happened, atleast didnt happened till our due date it was only a rumour for us which made us angry and irritated at the same time..but now wen bandhs finally came to action the first day was quite exciting but since it went on and on and on and so on... it just got in my nerves.. wht the hell are ppl trying to do..divding out country and shit?? we want  nepal as a whole pls dont ask for something like tht... today i was reading a newspaper where i happened to read a paragraph which touched my went like this:-
           "No matter which part of the country we come from, no matter religious and political beliefs are,no matter wht our caste,creed or ethnicity is,no matter wht our economics status is,no matter wht our profession is, we are first and foremost nepali and remain commites to putting unity,prosperity and progress of out nation before everything else"

Monday, May 7, 2012


Now any excuses for the late blogpost wont be fair at all especially when u had a week long holiday after exams and to top on tht when u have all the pics ready and all u have to do it post it...LAZY is the it i wont mind,not after all this... Anyway this outfit is which i wore for a fun park for all those of nepal thinking fun park?? where is a nice park in our country??? well lemme tell u tht our very old and first fun park "bhrikutimandap" is now rennovated and trust me its good.. u will love it...the people are enthusiastic,there are new games and most importantly it is CLEAN yes emphasizing on the clean part which is very hard to find in our capital city...

Sunday, April 29, 2012


         Now no more excuses for the late post...actually im having my exams and my net's finished. so i thought of not renewing it, not tht i'm studying hardcore but to spare myself from the distraction. so tht i can study a bit but alas!! as usual i am not.... this post is if my birthday which happened like a month ago (now dont call me lazy).. it was a simple treat given to my friends and later family and i chose to wear this dress my cousin bought few days before from hongkong. And i lovd it the moment it came in my hand..... so let the picture do the talking...

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Happy nepali new year everyone...i know i'm late but its better late then never ain't it?? so wht did u guys do in new year?? i'm sure u all had fun so did i... i went to these beautiful resort in nagarkot in new year eve to spend my new year there with my was so much fun..far from the hectic,polluted city it was situated in a open place where we could take in the fresh air..the scenery out there was awesome..but we didnt go to see the sunset and even the sunrise which is most famous there because we are lazy just  like tht..but we had fun to the fullest..some of u might find the topic kind of weird but the idea came from beyonce.. she told some magazine tht getting herself a holiday helps to keep her skin beautiful and trust me i found tht quite happens to work on me as well because your skin needs fresh air and u need to be realxed and stress free for beautiful skin ..and for staying there i choose this beautiful comfortable outfit and paired it with another comfortable wedge slipper so here it is...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey everyone!!
                I'm finally back with my own blog post i mean after the 1 week break from the lovely posh...this the pic i took long ago but i was in waiting list so finally here it is..i hope u like it..i wanted this look to be lil edgy and i hope i succeeded in iy...lemme know wht you guys think..

Friday, April 6, 2012


                    This is the last post of the 1 week outfit provided by posh..It is a very beautiful gown that can be worn by anyone and trust me everyone is gonna look nice in this piece of dress...u can wear this kind of dress in parties or even in some special ocassions like your birthday so u can stand out among all the ppl present there....and it's let the picture do the talking.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Friday itself is the word tht need not be explained..The time for which people wait like crazy coz its PARTY TIME...There's a saying"WE MUST WORK HARD AND PARTY HARDER"...Tht is so true after working so hard in weekdays we plan to have fun on weekends and it starts with friday night..For friday,i've chose this beautiful black dress from POSH(still available)..enjoy..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


                    Hope all is well with you...This is the 5th out of my 7 outfits provided by POSH..For thursday i've chosen this very comfy kind of punkish(not so much) look which i totally loved...we all get tht feeling wen we want to experiment with out outfit ryt??And we're very lucky being a girl we get to do tht..we can be cute,gothic,chic,babyish,sexy,funky,comfy everything we can think of....So this is the outfit wen u,re in tht funky mood .I've worn plain white vest with leather studded vest jacket and studded leggings all available in POSH and black leather shoes my own from hongkong.. let me just show you the pic so you can enjoy..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


                 For wednesday,i've choose yet another very casual outfit which can be used on everyday basis...This is a beautiful black shirt with a rope structured belt tht can be used with a simple black leggings with a beautiful pair og heel for the chic look but i've termed it up with jeans shorts and my fav white converse(for now) for the casual look....i hope u like it ..

Monday, April 2, 2012


                     Having fun???yes i guess....this is yet another blog post tht is sponsered by POSH,which is in 1st floor,woodland complex,durbarmarg..This is one of the best store in Nepal where we can find stuffs tht are not available anywhere else they bring unique yet very beautiful clothes....
            So for tuesday i chose this very casual outfit tht can be worn anytime whether it's for shopping or movie...Those time when u dont want to be all glamed up(all of us has gone through tht phase ryt)....i teamed it up with converse and tied my hair into a bun for the extra casual feeling....wear it when u want nothing else than to have fun around the city...

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Monday is the day when we are all charged up and back to work..after wild friday,lethargic saturday and fun sunday then comes serious monday when everyone is back to school,work and anything tht's i chose this very formal look for this day...white ruffled shirt with pencil skirt and tying my hair into a pony for tht oomphh factor..

Saturday, March 31, 2012


                    First thing first,this is a sponsored blog post...The clothes here are provided by POSH,woodland complex,durbarmarg...The shoes however are mine...this along with other six respective post of mine are sponsored by POSH...Let me tell you what POSH is.... POSH is a fashion store which is situated in durbarmarg woodland complex,1st offers the best cloths in ktm valley(tht is wht i think) and the best part is the owner there brings only one set of one cloth which means who will not find any other wearing the same cloth u brought there and trust me their price are reasonable. The clothes found there are very fashionable and beautiful because the owner herself is a fashionista and she hand picks all the clothes herself no compromise in tht...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


  Taking time out from the everyday busy schedule is nearly impossible for me right now...but im trying really hard and i along with a bunch of friends of mine wen to this beautiful place which was a little far away from the dusty,noisy city of ours....i loved the place...and i wore this polka dotted maxi skirt tht i bought a few days back from D.S COLLECTION and termed it with yet another polka dotted top tht i bought frm HAA a long back...i dont know if u guys will like the combo but im sure u'll like the greenery in the pic so enjoy and let me know wht u think..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


can i smell the spring??? yes i think i can..yes i think tht's wht i've waiting for...yes i think it's finally here...this is the outfit i chose to wear for the photoshoot tht i did with a fren of mine few days ago...since the weather was not predictable i thought i'd go safer rather than shivering my lungs i wore this pant tht i bought a year ago in 1 day shopping of fmirror and i thought i never would wear this because i was confused with wht i would term it up with and the cardigan from chocolate which has the same story so i just experimented the both and i kind of liked it....let me know wht u think about it..comment below....and ya the topic has nothing to do with the pics... i just happened to murmer the song and since i coulsn't think of any topic i went better with this...enjoy...

Friday, March 16, 2012


 Weather in my country is going quite peculiar which is so unusual....thinking winter is over i brought summer clothes and a lot..Mr.sun decided to smile his way down and suddenly hides...the weather is going in reverse order in our rains suddenly,the wind is freaking cold..and i do nth else than go to college and back sit in  the couch do my homework and tht's all...i dont even go to my fitness club because miss LAZY has attack me once more....anyway here is some more pics of ssubina photography which we did last time and some more will come later...till then enjoy and i hope the weather is good enough for me to enjoy outside and get some nice pics for my readers.....

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Thank god the sun is finally smiling its way upon us.....i was desperately waiting for the sunshine for the fact tht i dont have to keep layering my outfit which i am totally bad at.....and i totally apologise for being so late at posting it..and i promise it wont happen let me introduce a fren of mine ssubina....she's a photographer,a begginer....she did her short term course in photography and we planned a photoshoot an informal one just to polish her photography skill and my poses :p......this is wht we came up with enjoy...and ya dont forget to like her facebook page  HERE...... I HOPE U'LL APPRECIATE OUR WORK....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


HI everyone!! i hope u all are great...i wanted to start my very own blog shop as my closet is overflowing..and i need some space for my new items..i hope u like it and minf u i dont wear my clothes more than 3 times for dresses its only once....if u want to buy any items email me along with its code number in or u can comment below or post in my fb page HERE... and i will contact u as soon as possible.....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012





Saturday, February 18, 2012


                   sorry for the late update..i am having my 3 day public holiday so i didn't want to miss my chance of updating my blog so here i am..this is the pic of mine where we group of girls wanted to meet up and have fun..i chose to wear a skinny pant and i teamed it up with slightly skinny purple ruffled top and my 5.5 inch black stud heels and the bag im carrying is from fmirror which i had ordered very long that is it..i hope u like it enjoy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hey bloggaristas!!
  i hope everyone is good...i am having my winter vacation and it feels so good to wake up as late as i wish and go to bed likewise,have all the free time,though i have lots and lots and lots of assignment i've been procastinating it and i seriously hope it wouldnt burden me in near future all i do is use net watch tv and then yah read books andcurrently i'm reading this book named MY STORY by DAVE PELZER... and trust me its so good...its about a child in U.S...and how he was abused as a child and its a true story...the story and incidents are so disturbing tht it makes us wonder how can a mother be so rude and heartless...Reading all these makes me feel how lucky we are tht we have everything we desire we have parents tht loves us and gives us all we ever want...we are really fortunate so we should stop complaining about anything and everything..
                   Lets leave this all and enjoy the pic....

Friday, January 27, 2012


 I hope u all are fine..First of all i want to say i am so sorry for not being regular.The college thing has made me as busy as an ant..So,since tomorrow is saturday i wanted to do a quick post...but mind you tomorrow being saturday i still dont have off....we have a programme as tomorrrow is saraswoti puja,and i being CR of the class have to be there no excuse would be accepted from my side...
                   Anyway so today my family was very lazy to cook anything at home and wanted me to bring eateries from out so i went to KFC for some dinner and also it was my chance to buy some clothes for myself...ever since i joined college i dont even have to for shopping...and college started a month ago and i was seriously in need of retail therapy so i couldn't let this chance i went very casual as i was not in mood to get too glizty glam-ish...i wore this black pant brought by mom from cardigan bought in boudha,shoes bought long ago in sphinx,citycentre(my all time fav for shoes as they alwz manages to bring ryt shoes of my size for which other shop fails)and black leather enjoy

Saturday, January 14, 2012


    i know u guys are all good i need not ask it again and again...some of u must be enjoying your weekend whereas some of you must be sitting idle infront of your tv and lappy just like me.. and oh yeah!!my routine's changed now..i dont use net all day long...these days i wake up around half past 6 in the morning and get ready for my college...going back to college after more than a year is so much fun..meeting new people,having new environment,new interest,learning new things and so much more..i am totally loving it...i return home at half past 3 and run towards Hyatt to keep myself fit and healthy and return around 7 and eat, do my neverending homeworks and dose off around 9-10..this has been my everyday routine since i joined my college..however whenever we girls at the college plan to go out after college which happens usually the hyatt parts get edited and fun part replaces it....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 How are you all doing?? hope for me,these days my days are all hectic...I've recently joined college and trust me since then i dont have time to do anything...i'm burdened with homeworks and projects that are never ending...never in my life i thought Fashion designing would be so difficult and hectic....but i guess i need to bear wit it because tht's where im destined to be..and i'll overcome all difficulties tht'll come in the way....i've made new friends who are just so fun to be with... this is wht i wore to my college today..

Monday, January 2, 2012

giveaway winner

First of all im so sorry..i couldn't  update my blog..and secondly i couldnt announce the name of the winner in time....when other bloggers apologize for not updating their blog regularly i used to think its just a matter of some min why cant they give their time and i thought i'll be very regular in blog update...but it didnt happened as planned because i joined college recently and i've been heavily loaded with assignments tht updating my blog is not a question wen i dont even have time to be on my assignment were less comparing to other days so i quickly wanted to announce the winner of the giveaway...
                AND THE WINNER IS
                                         JANICE PAANG.
( will contact you very soon..check your email for more information)