Sunday, April 1, 2012


Monday is the day when we are all charged up and back to work..after wild friday,lethargic saturday and fun sunday then comes serious monday when everyone is back to school,work and anything tht's i chose this very formal look for this day...white ruffled shirt with pencil skirt and tying my hair into a pony for tht oomphh factor..

if u're thinking wht am i looking's an art....trynna act lil serious...

working on a turned off computer call me an idiot.....hahaahh was just acting and i wasn't allowed to turn the thing on.....
ruflled white shirt- posh woodland complex,durbarmarg
skirt-posh woodland complex durbarmarg

till then take care and be serious when it's time to be serious...


  1. it would have been better if you could mention the price too.. well you look gorgeous and i like the shirt (Y)

  2. ok will mention the price as well..

  3. Love you blog dear...
    and nice outfit :)
    I am following you, mind to follow back?
    take care