Saturday, March 31, 2012


                    First thing first,this is a sponsored blog post...The clothes here are provided by POSH,woodland complex,durbarmarg...The shoes however are mine...this along with other six respective post of mine are sponsored by POSH...Let me tell you what POSH is.... POSH is a fashion store which is situated in durbarmarg woodland complex,1st offers the best cloths in ktm valley(tht is wht i think) and the best part is the owner there brings only one set of one cloth which means who will not find any other wearing the same cloth u brought there and trust me their price are reasonable. The clothes found there are very fashionable and beautiful because the owner herself is a fashionista and she hand picks all the clothes herself no compromise in tht...

                   Let me tell you a short story on how i got this lazy day i opened my facebook account and saw the msg which smriti dd(the owner of POSH) had sent..and there she wrote something like"i saw your blog its beautiful i  loves you outfits and creativity and if u need any help regarding the wardrobe feel free to borrow it from could i decline offer like tht???NOWAY!!! i planned on a week lookbook from was really hard for me to choose only 7 outfit because all the dresses there were beautiful....and i couldn't just show the picss without telling this much.. tht wouldn't be here are the pic of the first outfit...enjoy...

This is the outfit tht i chose for sunday since sunday is a funday u can wear this outfit for shopping,hanging around with frens or for a cinema...u can wear this outfit when u are in a cute mood,u know, wanting to go all cutsy..
            Hurry before this is someone else's....And last but not the least i would like to thank smriti dd(if u're reading) for understanding a blogger and giving this oppurtunity...thank you so much...and if u want to know more about the shop then join this group HERE....
         Till then take care and love u all

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