Saturday, February 18, 2012


                   sorry for the late update..i am having my 3 day public holiday so i didn't want to miss my chance of updating my blog so here i am..this is the pic of mine where we group of girls wanted to meet up and have fun..i chose to wear a skinny pant and i teamed it up with slightly skinny purple ruffled top and my 5.5 inch black stud heels and the bag im carrying is from fmirror which i had ordered very long that is it..i hope u like it enjoy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hey bloggaristas!!
  i hope everyone is good...i am having my winter vacation and it feels so good to wake up as late as i wish and go to bed likewise,have all the free time,though i have lots and lots and lots of assignment i've been procastinating it and i seriously hope it wouldnt burden me in near future all i do is use net watch tv and then yah read books andcurrently i'm reading this book named MY STORY by DAVE PELZER... and trust me its so good...its about a child in U.S...and how he was abused as a child and its a true story...the story and incidents are so disturbing tht it makes us wonder how can a mother be so rude and heartless...Reading all these makes me feel how lucky we are tht we have everything we desire we have parents tht loves us and gives us all we ever want...we are really fortunate so we should stop complaining about anything and everything..
                   Lets leave this all and enjoy the pic....