Monday, March 31, 2014


  Long time no see eh?? 10 days without blogging, OH GOD, I had promised myself to be very regular and here i am blogging after 10 days, well i have a good reason though. I am having my boards, I've finished theories but i still have 2 practicals to be given which is happening tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and i still manage to squeeze in a post today.  Hahahahah I wish i could say this and pretend to be all geeky and stuff but no, even if i am having my exams, i will have enough time to post because i manage to do everything but studying during my exams. Well, to be true, the reason i hadn't posted in a while is because i was waiting for my new website to be completed, YES, i am going to blog through a different webpage now, which will be my own registered domain (about which i will talk later, hopefully in my next post). It is being like ages and i haven't got my website completed yet. Because the person keeps telling me "tomorrow it will be completed" all the time, i always stay in a hope that my next post will be in my new blog, the reason why i hadn't been blogging for such a long time. And since the "tomorrow" of that person never came, i am here blogging about this outfit which is a mix of leather and plaids.

When i wore this outfit, i felt it kinda looked good and hence ended up taking pictures. But today as i was looking though them, i thought S*** I don't like it. I was debating with myself on whether i should post this pictures online or not. Part of me thought, its okay do it and part of me said noway, you're not doing that and as i was on the process of uploading the pic of my facebook account, i closed the tab very fast before it could get uploaded because i didn't want to upload it. I thought this beautiful skirt deserves so much better, tomorrow i am going to style it much better and post it online, I then opened up facebook after that and HOLYS*** my picture is already uploaded and oh no, i already have 50 likes within a minute. I couldn't do anything after that so i ended up posting it here too LOL.
    Incase you are wondering, where i got this beautiful leather skater skirt from?? Well, it is from this awesome online site called CHICNOVA. It is a street fashion online site catering beautiful clothing items to girls who loves to look good and feel the best. If you want to order the same skirt, you can do so by clicking  HERE

That is it, if you think this outfit is nice, please hype it on lookbook HERE and also let me know what you think about it on the comment box below, i would love to know your point of view. Till then BYE and will be back pretty soon. UMWAAAAHHH.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello my lovely readers,
 Last Tuesday, my friend got married and here are some of the pictures i managed to click. I don't have much because no one was willing to click my picture( my sad life :( ). I hang out with bunch of people who doesn't like clicking pictures and the funny part is they are more shy clicking my pictures than me giving poses, and that is a complete loose situaton for a fashion blogger :( . So, the pictures below are mostly selfies and group photos except for the first three pictures, which i clicked after i got home from the party. I was so tired and these three are the only pictures that came out little better than all those in where i looked like a zombie.
  I wore a lehenga (a traditional attire in my country) because i like going traditional in weddings and family parties. I love bright colors so this lehenga screamed my name when i went for shopping and when i entered the boutique. It was perfect for me and it was a love at first sight.

That is it, Hype this look on lookbook, if you liked it by clicking HERE. And since I have my board exams from Sunday, I don't know when i will be posting next, I will try my level best to be regular. And please wish me goodluck for my exams, i need it a lot because i haven't studied anything and the saddest part is i don't have any notes to study. Oh god, kill me already..

Monday, March 17, 2014


  Our country's fashion is very highly inspired by Korean fashion, there are some who loves european fashion and follow them but as far as i know, majority of young people in my country loves korean fashion. There was this whole craze about korean stars and korean films and so many people here tried to groom themselves like those korean stars and some even talked and acted like them. So, i have found this cool online site that is very famous for asian fashion and particularly Korean fashion, which i am sure my local reader will love. The site is coco-fashion which has many products such as dress, tunic,tops,bottoms,bags and shoes and all the product inspired by street asian and korean fashion. I have selected few products to show it to guys, i have chosen dresses and shoes because spring is here and you would want to be wearing awesome dresses and shoes. Enjoy.

DRESSES- To see other dresses click HERE

SHOES- To see other shoes click HERE

These were some of the items i loved and i could not wait to share it with my readers. I hope you liked it. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hello guys,
You know that i love exploring various sites and letting you guys know about it, about their new collections, my favourites among them, all in all i like sharing about my favourite sites. This post is to let you guys know that there is a huge sale going on in sheinside, and since i love my readers, i thought i will let you guys know about it. Sheinside has new vest those are perfect for the springs and also the site has sale going on, go explore them and shop crazily.


That is not it, i have selected few items from the sites that would be perfect for spring. Here are my favourite spring items from the site, check them out.




Awesome isn't it? See i told you it is lovely, go check their site and see for yourself if they have items of your choice and buy it if you like anything because why would you want to miss such chance right? But before that dont forget to signup by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Hello lovely people,
 How are all of you, thinking of what to write here is always a headache to me. There were times when i used to think that my blog is my diary and i used to write whatever is in my mind and even rant about what is going on in my life, the things i didn't like but ever since i got a reality check from my readers who commented saying things i don't wanted to hear, it hit my head that there are people who reads this and that this is noway your personal diary. From then, i started being very careful and started filtering my words. I wrote only about my outfit and things that is OK to be written here for the world to see and read, that is if they do. But sometimes i wish i could be a carefree as i was when i first started blogging and pour my hearts out here whenever i am low or when i am having the best days of my life. I wish i could write away all that i have in my mind and heart and not worry about what people would say after that. I don't know how many bloggers have faced it, but i am someone who writes tons of paragraphs and deletes them again thinking oh no that shouldn't be going up there. Lol. How i wish everyone was non judgemental and respected everyone's feeling. 

This is the outfit that i wore for a lunch with bunch of friends. This is the all black outfit (which i have wearing a lot idk why?) with a little hint of gold here and there. This awesome black with metallic gold detailed top is from FRONTROWSHOP. The online shopping site where you can find so many products and the quality is at its best. Their products are so different from the ones we see in other online sites. They mostly have structured silhouette which is also very much in trend. Visit their site to see for yourself. And if you want to order the same sweatshirt than you can click HERE or you can contact me in my facebook HERE for more details. I will be more than happy to answer your inquiries. 

That is it guys. Don't forget to hype this very casual look of mine if you liked it HERE. Will be back pretty soon with an exciting news(hopefully) which i have been wanting to say for quite a long time but have been waiting for the right time.