Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello Readers,
    How've you been?? I hope good. I have titled this post "Different" because the ootd i have posted here is very different from what i actually wear. The outfit is little punk/grunge, though the hairstyle didn't match up, i had this big puff which was going quite well with the get up but the puff didn't hold up for very long and ended up looking like this.

This whole outfit was put around this creepers. This beautiful creepers is from MART OF CHINA, an online shopping where you can get stuffs at wholesale rate, the prices are very reasonable and the quality is great. If you want to order this particular piece you can order it from HERE. Its is very comfortable too.

Let me know if you like this different look of mine. That is it, will be back pretty soon, till thn take care. :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hello lovelies,
    I realised that i get many inquiries in my mail and facebook messages whenever i post about online sites and their products, which shows that my readers are very keen in shopping online and they enjoy these types of post more than anything else. And also going through various shopping sites and their products is a treat for my eyes as well. So here are few products from the  most asked online shopping from my viewers and it is non other than PERSUNMALL. Literally, selecting a few is very hard for me as i love almost everything they have there and i wish i could own them all. I was in dilemma as usual as to what to show and what not to, so i planned on sharing the 2 most loved items in my wardrobe which are dresses and shoes. Spring is coming so here are few products that would be perfect to have in your wardrobe. Check them out. :)

Lovely aren't they? These are only the trailers, there are much more items in their site. You could get spoiled with awesome choices. And the best part?? They provide free shipping. YAY!!  Could it get any better? So? What are you waiting for, go ahead and shop and you don't even have to drop. Click HERE and update your wardrobe. CHEERS. :)

Monday, February 17, 2014


        I am sure everybody in my city is fed up of this weather. Just when we thought the winter is over, and we can walk around in lighter clothes, plans to be harsh and showers us with his love that no one wants right now, at least not me. This year i thought it wasn't very cold comparatively and i was boasting around saying "malai ta yo pali jado nai lagena" and i didn't even take out my coats from the hangers yet and boy was i wrong, the past 3-4 days, i have been shivering my hearts out (is it even a sentence). Thank god, the weather is little better today. Today i am going to post about the youth fest that happened in my school.
       I came to know about this youth fest from my little sister who studies there period. First, i was shocked because when we were there, GEMS never organized any youth program and definitely not any program as such where outsiders were allowed, indeed outsiders were never allowed inside the premises unless you are related to the students studying there and you have come to pay them a visit and unless you have a proper formal permission from the administration. Second, I was very happy because i get to go back to the place where i spent almost all my childhood days and all the good and bad memories of my childhood is from the boarding school days.
I was praying for a good sunny day, but the rain destroyed it all. It was foggy and chilly and was drizzling all day making me wish i was at my bed under a big fluffy quilt. More than being nostalgic at the fact that i am in my school after 4-5 yrs, i felt lonely, the same place where we used to run around playing and laughing felt very new to me, i felt like i didn't belong there, i didn't see any known faces there. It was funny lol. 

 Before dressing up for the fest, i peeked through my window to see how the weather was and i could see sunlight and i chose to wear this outfit without the socks thinking it would be hot, then something made me think it might rain later on and i thought of wearing the socks over my stockings to keep my legs little warm. Thank god, i believed my instinct and wore the knee high socks or else i would die shivering (exaggeration level 100 lol). Let me know how to feel about my outfit, and if you like it don't forget to hype it on lookbook by clicking HERE. And incase you are wondering where i got this beautiful contrast sleeved jacket from, i got it from PERSUNMALL, if you want to order the same click HERE.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


  So all ready for weekend aren't you? And moreover its valentine's day tomorrow, I am sure most of you are in party mood with the loved ones already. Some people don't really like the idea of celebrating valentine's day as they believe they don't need this "one" particular day to show and prove their feelings. I can totally understand and relate but I, on other hand am very cheesy and i love days when i am pampered and given special attention. HAHA I hate to say but i am one heck of attention seeker. So, people spend some quality time with the one you want and make the most out of it as only memories remains forever. Having said that, I would now like to drag your attention to the ootd that i posted today.
      When i was ready to go out and all ready to click the pictures i found out that the batteries of my camera was dead. I always forget to charge the camera and sometimes when i do, i leave the camera "on" all day without realising and when i am ready to click some pics, i get the "change your battery pack" message flashing on the screen. Is it only me? Please give me a NO. I clicked this pictures from my phone, which i thought was pretty ok when i checked them then, but when i tried to edit it today, i hated almost all pictures and was really confused on whether i should upload these pictures or not. But here it is, the outfit i dressed down, a very simple look that i wore for a movie. Let me know what you think.

If you liked the outfit, pls hype it HERE. That is it, let me know in the comments below whether you like a particular day being separated as a day for lovers or you think it is just too cheesy. I would love to know your opinions on it. :)


Saturday, February 8, 2014


In my last post i showed my ootn that i wore to the graduation fashion show of my seniors and today i am going to do a review on the show from the scratch. Ok first thing first, i got informed about the show and i was happy when i got to know that the show was in hyatt because it is very near from my home and i love being there. I started asking my friends whether they will be going or not but to my surprise i got the same answer from almost everybody, they were like "hya dui hajar tiri tiri ko jancha?"(who will go there paying 2000). Ok i understand 2000 may be bit on a higher side but look at the venue, i mean dinner alone in hyatt cost more than 2000 per person or even more including tax and vats and here you are getting to enjoy fashion show, dinner and after party too. I am not being rude here i am just giving you all a reality check. So, the show was suppose to start at 6 and as usual it started late but i am not blaming the organisers here because if the spectators are not on time, how can the show start on time right? The show started around 7.
     The models came one by one showcasing the designs of the students and the only thing that came to my mind at that time was WOW because the designs and fabrics were so much better than last year's graduation show and i had so much fun watching the show, i even felt like "the just graduated" student's designs would give the big designer's of nepal's design some quite tough competition and a serious run for their money( NO OFFENCE). BUT everything that starts fun may not necessarily end the same, i mean i loved the designs and fabrics used but i got fed up when i saw the same fabrics and silhouette used by almost all designers. And the fittings of some dresses were so bad that we could see model' flesh more that what was needed to be shown. Nevertheless, the show was fun, i was hoping for some performances in between the sequels but it came continuous.
     Kudos to the organisers for putting up such an awesome show and the choreography was nice but i have 2 complains for the organisers one is choice of models, it was nice to see new, fresh faces and most of them were promising but few were just not done i mean it was not pleasing to see some model's flabby fats peeking through the dresses esp in arm, stomach and back area, if you are a model you should be fit and only if you are fit you should be a model. My second complain is makeup, i admit the make up was flawless and beautiful but as the show went on, we could see the makeup fade away and some model started looking pale and tired, if only the touch up was done after every sequel. Other than that everything was well organised and HATS OFF.
    Here are the pictures of the show and some designs that caught my attention. The pictures were not taken by me as whenever i tried taking pictures, the 2 heads of the boys sitting infront of me kept appearing killing my pictures. I just wish the organisers gave us blogger some nice spot from where we could take nice pictures so that we can show in our blog. I hope they are listening (wink included). So, here are the pictures taken by the talented photographer of the country, ANJIL MASKEY. ENJOY.

                      I LIKED THE GOLD AND BLACK ONE






So, that is it my review, views on the show. Sorry for making it very long and I am sure most of you didn't even read it all. I am being very honest here and i hope i don't come into anyone's hate list for this. And ya i must include this. I was so happy to see so many juniors of my school there in the ramp as a model. You girls did an amazing job, so proud of you, WOOT WOOT. SHINE ON.