Sunday, May 11, 2014


  I had pretty difficult time posting this one, my computer would get off just like that when i'm halfway through my work. But finally, I got a chance to upload this up after trying for numerous time. So, here i am blogging about the nepal fashion week day3.
   3rd day was probably the best day out of all the four, it wasn't tiring at all even if it was the longest working hour out of all but I didn't feel any pressure at all and everything went smooth. That day was the day i enjoyed the "after party" the most. It was so much fun and I was totally uncontrollable. All my life, I thought my action varied according to the people I am with and the venue I am at, but boy was i wrong and i came to know of it only that day. I realised that I just need the right person with me and I will have fun no matter where I am. I never ever thought that I could be so wild and rowdy at somewhere as sophisticated at Hyatt. We were dancing like crazies, dancing like no one's watching us and like it is the last day of our life.
    Back to my outfit, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had to choose to wear something that would be comfortable to work backstage and at the same time look good enough for party afterwards. This dress was versatile both ways, team it up with a comfy slippers and it would look very casual and comfortable And team it with a good pair of heel and it would turn out to be beautiful, elegant dress and I did just that.

      Since I don't have the pictures of the outfit that i wore on day 4(which was the best out of all :( ), this will be my last blog post about Nepal Fashion Week. Well, to sum it up I would like to say, though it was very very tiring the 1st and 2nd day, I loved being part of it. I was surprised myself as I thought I'd hate the experience but it was so much fun. All the models were beautiful inside out, very understanding, friendly and down-to-earth except for one particular beauty queen who was throwing tantrums, showing grumpy face and cursing, but let's not talk about it and focus on the positives rather than rant about the negatives because we are all good girls ryt?( insert a wink emoticons here).
   That is it guys, will be back pretty soon, till than take care and don't forget to hype this look on lookbook by clicking HERE. BYE. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


   Mother's day is coming near, so what are your plans for mother's day?? In my country, we already celebrated mother's day and i am sure everyone of you made your mother feel special that particular day. Actually, anything and everything we do is little for our mother, non of it replaces the love, pain, sacrifices she made for us but when we have that one day when we can make her feel special, we totally should do that.
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  Below are the pictures some  of my personal favourites, check it out. :)

Lovely, Isn't it?? I will keep updating you if there is any other promotion coz I love my readers. :P, That is it for now, will be back pretty soon, BYE. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014


   How are you all??? it is raining cats and dogs right now at my place and i am not loving it, but don't worry i am not here to rant about it. I am here to blog about the ootn that i wore on the first day of Nepal Fashion Week but before that let me share the experience of it all from the very beginning. It may be a long one, but please endure. :)
   So, I got a phone call from college telling me that being senior of the college, we all have to help backstage for a day, I told okay since i thought 1 day wouldn't do any harm. But later I got to know that we had to help for 4 days straight and I called college to sort it out but to no avail, it was a compulsion. I was very skeptical about this at first because (a)- I did not wanted to work backstage (at all) (b)- Despite of knowing quite a few models, I was paired with someone I didn't know because she was new and fresh one (C)- I for all can't start the conversation, I am too shy and reserved when it comes to opening up with new people.  Me and a friend of mine, we were going through the same situation, we just did not wanted to do this and we were blaming each other for saying "okay" at the first place.
     After we tried everything possible to persuade the teacher, which went in vain, another headache was choosing something to wear. You must be thinking, "hya backstage basne ta ho ni euta jeans,shirt, chappal lagayeni bhai halthyo ni". I was thinking the same too, but after the program was over, we had to dine together with the guest who were all VIP people, it wouldn't be a fair choice right? If you know what i mean. The confusion was because you couldn't be too dolled up and all pretty because you are not the spectator and not sitting in front of the stage and you couldn't be too casual and laid back because you are not limited only to the backstage. Had it been like that, i would wear the most comfy clothes, do my work and run out of there as soon as possible.
       For the first day I chose to wear a simple sweatshirt from and the assymetrical skirt with a very tiny kitten heel just to be safe and comfy because i did not know what the night had in store for me.

So, I went there, all we had to do was help the models get changed. All models were assigned with one designer student who were supposed to help them dress and be ready with the needle and thread if any issues came up with the dress. I met my model, she was very sweet and easy to get along to, she was just 20 and was very pretty and cute. All went well, the only problem i had there was my aching feet. The 1st day, we had to reach there a little earlier than other days and we were literally on our feet for good 5-6 hrs, even wearing kitten heels didn't do no good to my feet, they were aching crazily and by the time i went home, it was hard for me to even stand. Learning lesson from the first day, i carried a pair of slippers with me and wore them in backstage and sat down whenever i got chance and changed into my heels to come out. All in all, it was quite a different experience for me and to be true, i loved it. It was very tiring yet so much fun. I loved being part of such a prestigious event, learnt lot of new things, more importantly i learnt to be more open and less reserved. I had an awesome time especially at the after party :P. I had a completely different thought about it at first, but later i found myself enjoying the experience thoroughly. That is it.
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