Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hello Readers,
 I have shifted and now I am blogging from another site which is:
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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Hello guys,
  I have a very important announcement to make, I am so happy to announce that after waiting for ages, I am finally blogging from my new blog. You can check out my new outfit posts and many more interesting stuffs related to fashion, at my new blog.

That was my important announcement and now to the good news, but first let us talk a little about world cup. Are you excited for Fifa World Cup?? I don't know about you but I certainly am very excited and I am supporting team JAPAN and team BRAZIL. Which team are you supporting? Let me know in the comment below so that i can know, I would love to know about it. I was planning to go shopping for jerseys and items related to the world cup to bring the vibe and I know what I want. I will be buying 2 jerseys, one of Japan with HONDA written on it and other one of Brazil with NEYMAR written on it. These are the two most cutest player and I am supporting their team just for them. Fair enough right?? LOL. 
     Well, my good news to you is that, TIDESTORE, which is an awesome online shopping site for women, where you can find all type of women wear, at very cheap rate and great quality has added world cup items to their collection. If you are confused on where you can find awesome t-shirts, bikini or any clothing item with you favourite team's imprint on it, just click HERE and voila! you have everything that you are looking for.   

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That is it guys, Will be blogging from my new blog from now on. So, Don't forget to check that out and I hope to get as much support there as I am getting here . BYE. :)