Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey there everyone,
             I am back with a new post..This post is not about my outfit post, few days ago,we had a fashion show called "TRENDSETTER" and today i am blogging about it... Well, it has a gr8 show overall,i liked the stage,loved how they made the stage so beautiful,the performances was gr8 little did i know ppl in my country could perform so gr8. we observed first ever arial act in any show done on our country, but what i heard of was the actress who was performing the arial act almost blacked out because she has hanging some 100ft in the air for more than 10 god, hats off to her..Everything there was done properly,the stage,performances,hosts,the choreography but one thing that did disappoint me a bit was the designs.. i mean i was expecting so high from some designers,but was  shocked wen i saw their design..
The worst of all was i couldn't take pics of the show,the battery of my camera died with only 2 pics taken from my camera,god i charged the battery for almost 1 hr without switching on the button,can i get any more foolish?? That irritating moment wen u're dolled up and u cant take pic of you arrrghh...i took some pics from my mobile,but it's not that good,so i took pics from the photographer's page, anyway here are some pictures of the show and some designs that i liked.. let me know what u think.

Friday, March 22, 2013


So, here i am with very old pic of mine (the hairstyle explains it ) tht was in my computer for about more thn 5 months i guess.. I look kinda weird here prolly because of my old hair.. well this was wen i along with a very good fren of mine went to  shopping tht was dasain shopping and some of u must be thinking u were this for shopping?? NO i actually like being very comfortable with flats and comfy clothes wen i am shopping very heavy but this was wen i knew where i'd buy my clothes and we were going only there and no where else  tht explains ryt?? Even if i wear this for my regular shopping time it wouldn't matter ryt???coz life is too short to wear ugly shoes and ugly dress aint it?? ahhaha.. And after the shopping session,we went to eat and tht's where i clicked all this pic.check it out

Sunday, March 17, 2013


YES, my exam is still on.. So far So good,thnx to my ability to write a paragraph or even a page by knowing only 1 sentence..Tomorrow is my last exam which is fashion illustration,the subject where i cant show my special ability or i must say skill.. :P,because the subject is all about illustrating.. so,i have to practise very hard as i am very very bad at drawing,so this post will be a short one..
   I had gone to my sister's school for her cultural day programme and i didnt want to be exposing much skin because it's a school.. So,i had pretty hard time deciding what to wear..Something tht should be decent,simple yet stylish and i was trying my various simple,knee length dresses when my fren who was with me said why dont u wear pant? Oh yea PANT do EXIST..why do i alwz forget the pants.. so i wore this pant teamed it with a green stripe shirt with hint of a golden color in the sleeve and neckpart and wore a nude heel and carried a bag with same color to match it... let me know wht u think.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


     Well,i just finished organizing my closet..PHEW, i am sick tired and panting indeed.. If u come to my room,all u see is clothes in every,my mom bought me a new closet,which can be kept outside my room,where i had planned to make a walk-in closet soon,so tht there is a room in my overflowing current closet..It took me and my maid 5 days(no exaggeration) to organize the 2 closet,the old one and the new one,and finally its done and i did find so many beautiful cloths tht i had completely forgotten about and i can't wait to wear them.And the most shocking part was when i found out tons of jeans,i mean i dont wear jeans much,u can hardly see me in jeans and i found more thn 35 pairs of jeans,where did they come from??? IDK LOL..
              And oh yes, my exams are starting tomorrow and as lethargic as i already am,i haven't studied yet.. i dont know wht im gon write in my answer sheet tomorrow and to add more salts to my wound i heard the invigilators of my exam halls are damn strict.. #GOD BLESS ME..
           As i said in the title of last post as last winter outfit for 2013,i am here with my spring outfit..check it out..

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hey readers!!
Last time I said I have some problem with my computer and im using my macbook pro which is a headache since I don’t understand some of its function tht was a confession of a technie dumbo but want to hear an embarassing story?? Well I called up the technician and asked him wht problem is it. He checked everything and u know wht the prob was??? I switched off my CPU button at the back tht’s why it wasn’t running.. god how can I be so dumb?? Like seriously?? Anyway im blogging from my computer bigger screen it’s gr8..
So, back to my outfit  as my title itself says last winter outfit for 2013.. I am hoping it’s true,its getting kinda sunny these days though today it rained quite heavily with all those thunderstorms and scary shit.. I am hoping tomorrow is sunny.. this  picture was taken quite a long ago,I had completely forgotten about it.. I bought this outfit because of it’s color and teamed it with a thin stocking and knee high boots.. check it out.