Saturday, July 14, 2012


Here i am again and this time i am blogging about the most important programme of our college "RED DAY"... this is the day where all the fashion designing student design an outfit and showcase it in the ramp walk in front of the judges... the student prepares for it months before the main event. all the student gets nervous and excited at the same time..
             Well lemme tell u how my red day started... me and my very lazy bestfrens red day got started with a phone call frm the teacher shouting at us to be in the venue asap coz the show is bout to start..and there we were doing everything in a hurry because we were the first ppl in the ramp walk and i was the contestant no.1 ie the show starter.. we went there at the venue expecting everyone top be angry with us because we werent on time but to our amusement the judge wasnt there yet and the show wasnt even ready to start yet and everyone was practising their rampwalk. so we went there practised our walk and after an hour or so the event started.. so here are the pictures of the show.. enjoy

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here i am again with my blog psot about fun in thailand..well i already showed the beautiful sceenery in thailand now its time for some more fun and outfit.. well to be true i didnt actually give much attention bout my outfit( i know i know tht's a sin for fashion bloggers) but i was so busy having fun i  just wanted my outfit to be comfy... i wore shorts and a tee and pair of slippers all the time there.. so i wouldnt actually call this a outfit post.. i would rather call it a fun post.. so enjoy something different for this time i promise to bring a outfit post in my next post....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I am back to my blog after long and hell!!it feels so good  writing again..i am back from my vacation.. I along with my cousin went to thailand for a short vacation and we had so much fun.. It was a short trip but it certainly was very amazing.. our plan  to go there happened just so quickly tht we hadnt prepared much for it and every elder member of the family betted we are not having any fun and it'll just be like did u go there?? yes i did kind of a trip not thing else..but we certainly proved them wrong and shocked ourselves...we went to phuket,pattaya and bangkok... we did every possible things we could in tht short time from snorkeling to scuba diving to parasailing to suntanning in the beach to shouting on top of our lungs to the dangerous games in dream world to prayer silently in the very beautiful temple to eating tons and tons tht made the beautiful body made in a year in gym to flappy body in a week to shopping till we dropped... we did it all... the only thing tht did dissapoint me was the so-called very important programme of the college where all the student must participate for which my trip got shortened got postponed after i came back.. like myan are u serious??? hadnt it been tht freaking programme i would have much more time for more fun..anyways keeping tht  aside here are the teaser for my trip... the putfit post with more fun will be up next time.. till then enjoy some part of it...