Friday, December 28, 2012


Last winter i wore a varsity jacket  HERE and i got numerous msg frm ppl asking me where did i get it frm? I had actually ordered it frm the UK as it was very difficult to find it here and as every bloggers were seeing wearing one i had to have it so i asked my sister overseas to send it for me.. it's not tht we didnt have it here there were some shops who sold varsity but i didnt quite liked the very few pieces tht were sold here i wanted leather in sleeve part...and as i said in my earlier post tht fashion comes a year late in our country,varsity jackets did come in shops of our country this year and how it came?,MYGOD, u can see everyone and anyone wearing varsity jackets it's been sold almost everywhere. varsity jackets are overused in ktm right now..U look left,u look right there is one or the other person wearing varsity jacket and it's been too common and i hate wearing things tht are common and i had made up my mind on never ever touching my varsity jacket but i had one tht was yet to be worn and i thought i would never have a chance to wear it ever again..

Monday, December 24, 2012


                  This is the first question all our teacher asks us in their first class ofcourse after the introduction part and i go "ummm uhh ummm because i was interested" darn is tht even an answer?? And trust me wen i say all the student i literally mean all gives the same answer so in this post i would like to tell why i really chose fashion designing since i am not very expressive verbally.. Give me a topic and i can write pages but make me say it and i cant even say few sentence,tht's me and im sure there are lots like me..YOU yes you,you too are same ryt?? noo??? ok tht's just me then.. Okay let me go back to the topic why i chose this subject..
 Well like many of u, i too said my aim was to be a doctor till grade 5 and frm grade 6 i said i wanted to be a fashion designer just because i thought it was very interesting and fun and glamorous and...uhhh.. cool??? :P.. I had a viva for english language and the teacher there asked me wht do u want to be wen u grow up and why?? and i said i want to be a fashion designer and he interupted saying wht do exactly mean by fashion designer?? and i went blank again ummm uhh fashion designer means uhh making clothes to umm people to make them look fashionable..hahhahahh (dont judge me i was just in class 5-6) Okay and life went on i gave my slc,went to college etc etc and i failed my 12 board and i had a break for a yr to prepare for it,tht's wen i learnt more about fashion blogs,lookbook etc and i got so committed to it tht i wanted to wear wht ppl wore there but alas our country being one of the least fashionable country,it was very hard to find clothes tht was a major hit in the top fashionable countries or we can say fashion use to come a year late here and it still does though and tht's wen i thought i am going to study fashion designing and i'll make my own outfit,i dont have to wait for particular thing to come in the market and the one person who inspired me the most was a indian/nepali blogger Rohini Rai.. She didnt had any educational background in fashion designing yet she made so beautiful clothes herself.. Her blog and her work made me go fill the form for my college, so honey if u're reading this thnx and ya i love u.. :)

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey lovelies
          Pre warning this is not an outfit post.
Actually i had my post ready and i was thinking of posting it and i got a phone call saying "you're pictures are ready u can come and take it" and darn i was so excited i cant tell u how excited i was and i had to post this pictures before i couldnt wait till my next post.. The picture i am talking about are the wedding pictures tht he and me had photoshoot in a studio called "Milan international wedding photography". I want to share it with you guys so here it is

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hey bloggeristas!!
         I am here in my room,without my hair combed,cuddling in my bed lazily when all my classmates are probably in the college studying ryt now. I didnt go college cause i felt too lazy and my reason?? Mom and dad were out of country and they returned today first hour and i excitement build up within me to see all the stuffs they brought for me didn't let me go college. yea im still a kid in tht matter,i alwz have to be the first one to choose the stuffs tht i want, cause they bring stuffs for me and the sis and i dont want to left with the choices she left so i make sure im alwz the first one to choose dont judge me but im evil like tht.. :p ..But the sis she doesnt mind even if we are together she asks me to choose first aww and why am i like this???

Sunday, December 2, 2012


       This is an old picture,wait not tht old though some week old i guess or may be month?? whatever i forgot anyway this is the pic wen the sun was shining  bright,well now tht's old i guess.. I found this in one of my million folders i have (exaggerating) wen i went through all the folders and i just happened to know i havent kept this pic yet so here it is enjoy.