Monday, December 24, 2012


                  This is the first question all our teacher asks us in their first class ofcourse after the introduction part and i go "ummm uhh ummm because i was interested" darn is tht even an answer?? And trust me wen i say all the student i literally mean all gives the same answer so in this post i would like to tell why i really chose fashion designing since i am not very expressive verbally.. Give me a topic and i can write pages but make me say it and i cant even say few sentence,tht's me and im sure there are lots like me..YOU yes you,you too are same ryt?? noo??? ok tht's just me then.. Okay let me go back to the topic why i chose this subject..
 Well like many of u, i too said my aim was to be a doctor till grade 5 and frm grade 6 i said i wanted to be a fashion designer just because i thought it was very interesting and fun and glamorous and...uhhh.. cool??? :P.. I had a viva for english language and the teacher there asked me wht do u want to be wen u grow up and why?? and i said i want to be a fashion designer and he interupted saying wht do exactly mean by fashion designer?? and i went blank again ummm uhh fashion designer means uhh making clothes to umm people to make them look fashionable..hahhahahh (dont judge me i was just in class 5-6) Okay and life went on i gave my slc,went to college etc etc and i failed my 12 board and i had a break for a yr to prepare for it,tht's wen i learnt more about fashion blogs,lookbook etc and i got so committed to it tht i wanted to wear wht ppl wore there but alas our country being one of the least fashionable country,it was very hard to find clothes tht was a major hit in the top fashionable countries or we can say fashion use to come a year late here and it still does though and tht's wen i thought i am going to study fashion designing and i'll make my own outfit,i dont have to wait for particular thing to come in the market and the one person who inspired me the most was a indian/nepali blogger Rohini Rai.. She didnt had any educational background in fashion designing yet she made so beautiful clothes herself.. Her blog and her work made me go fill the form for my college, so honey if u're reading this thnx and ya i love u.. :)

              So tht's it i chose this subject just because i wanted to be able to make my own clothes and wear them, i know it sounds weird but trust me tht's the main reason i chose this subject but my college taught me to be more professional and competetive and business minded.. i learnt all of this later and now i just dont want to make my own clothes i want to be a very successful and one of the best fashion designer of my country and i hope i can... It felt like just few months back i joined my college and we are already welcoming the new comers and we had a orientation programme for the new comers and this is wht i wore.

I know i know i read it in a magazine which wrote "Throw away all your leopard print dress,its a big no/no for 2012" but i couldn't help it wen i saw this sweater/dress... i wanted somethng like this for quite a long time and wen i finally found it,there was only this one so i couldnt ignore it i had to buy it.. I wore this very thin stocking and to make it decent enough for college programme i wore black long socks over it and carried this very beautiful red bag..
              Tht's all for this post and i'd want to say something to all the new comers
"WELCOME TO IEC,WHERE DESIGNERS ARE BORN" and yes be very prepared for this particular question tht all the teachers will surely ask you and pls give a very good reason unlike mine...have a good week ahead.. bye...


  1. you look super great and you always had a great sense of styling! All the very best :)

  2. Don't worry I'm exactly the same when it comes to talking about stuffs!
    I love this dress, and the socks, it's kind of edgy even though some thinks edgy don't mean anything. Keep working toward your goal!
    Personally I want to work in fashion, because it is a great creative outlet for me... I really like it more than other things. Even the most boring job relating to something related to fashion, or just sewing, even if it pays badly will be better for me than other, "better" jobs. Err, I can't even explain myself online! I'm much more of a visual person, and learning about clothes, sewing and fashion makes me feel good, it's like solving an enigma or maths problem; I really know it's what I want to do in my life. It's like I had a new language that worked for me!
    I just hope when I'll be on my way, nobody will ask me that question, because I feel like my answer is a bit naive, but it's really what I feel about it.

    1. ohh thnk god there is someone just like glad to read u're comment felt like a part of me.... :) and yes i hope no one asks us those kinda question... :P

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    1. thnk you so much and merry christmas to u too..

  4. Great look and blog. Lets follow each other?

    1. thnk you so much ya sure we can follow each other

  5. Ohh you look lovely and chic


  6. ' I loved your bag & your blog as well !
    Good luck as you have to enter & rock one of the most competitive field in todays date !
    Followed you via GFC , hope you follow back !


    1. thnk you so much and thnx again for following.. will follow u back for sure.. :)

  7. Hey khusbu, thanx for ur response on my blog...nice to hear from you.

    Btw yeah I completely get what u are trying imply here...when I was a kid I thought I wanted to be a designer just to be able to dress myself beautifully but overtime the concept has changed and i didn't know abt Rohini Rai. It certainly feels nice to get inspired and have positive outlook from someone u admire......Right? I had mine too when I started my blog....

    Keep on blogging dear
    N stay in touch

  8. thnx u so much and yes maybe be it was the age tht made us think as such and now we're old enough to understand a bit about it... ")

  9. In love with your dior bag !!! What size is it ? Merry christmas :)

  10. hey dear, love your style!!! Im already following via gfc and bloglovin, would be so nice if u could do the same for me..wish you a happy new year!!