Sunday, December 2, 2012


       This is an old picture,wait not tht old though some week old i guess or may be month?? whatever i forgot anyway this is the pic wen the sun was shining  bright,well now tht's old i guess.. I found this in one of my million folders i have (exaggerating) wen i went through all the folders and i just happened to know i havent kept this pic yet so here it is enjoy.

Isn't this maxxi so cute?? i dont know how u would feel about it..too many colors or horizontal stripes or blah blah but i love it and i get wht i like.. i bought this dress during my vacation in thailand and i loved it.. it gives a fresh feeling perfect for summers..And the beads studded flat sandal makes it look too cool during the summer.. i dont know if u're noticed but some pictures look so fresh and nice where as some looks a lil dull tht's coz i clicked some while going out and some after coming back so u get it ryt??
               That's all now bye im off to watching biggboss i'll post this first thing in the morning tomorrow i guess.. will be back with the next post soon till then bye... :)


  1. i think you look skinnier in horizontal stripes..does that make sense??haha you look nice and summery :)

    1. hehheh horizontal stripes are supposed to make u look fat but i look slimmer hahhah kidding i was still slim wen i clicked this pic.. lol

  2. Horizontal stripes are amazing, and colored stripes even more. You look amazing.
    And I once read that actually, horizontal stripes made you look skinnier and the reverse was false, but it's true we usually read the reverse so WHAT IS TRUE? Solution: wear what the frog you want. Great colors, shoes and necklace!

  3. i have a post on stripes on my blog please check out

  4. The dress fits perfectly, it was a hit at my son's wedding and the shipping was very fast! Thank you for getting it to me before the wedding. LOVE IT!!