Monday, January 28, 2013


A very BIG and a LOUD HELLOWWWW to all the poeple reading my blog currently.. so im back with another post and this post is not any outfit post..i am blogging about my very dearest fren's wedding..well i'd alwz imagined how would it be to be on fren's wedding ever since i was in my early teens and my god the excitement is something tht's very hard to share.. Ever since the first time the fren calls up and tell u the good news,the stomach flutters with excitement and then comes the dilemma on wht to wear and the irritation on the fact tht u're growing fatter and fatter each day and determination on loosing the weight till tht date and anger on not being able to do tht and finally convincing yourself and eating less tht day so tht u're stomach wont look bulgy in tht attire..GOD THE GIRLS PROBLEM.. if any guy is reading this u might find it silly and useless but  the girls understands it properly ryt??

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


      Time passes so fast..I'm having my short preparation holidays and it's about to go so quickly and i haven't prepared anything..After this holiday,i'll be having my board exam of bachelor 1st year and to be true im not at all prepared for it..And the guilty pleasure part is instead of utilising the given time for preparing i've been roaming around like crazy and making the most use of holiday tht we get very rarely.. I've been very busy this week friend's marriage and stuff i'll update about tht too maybe in my next post and there's yet another wedding party which i have to attend the day after tomorrow and i have my submission the day after tht ..god im so screwed..i dont know wht am i going to submit tht day i have nothing..ARGHHH fashion designing and it's never ending work with deadline..OKAY!! let's not bombard u with the boring story of my off to my outfit.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


      I'm late yet again... i promised myself i'll blog on time but sometimes it just  happens ryt?? Esp wen u're having all good times in u're life,good times tht makes rest of the thing less important.u know wht i mean ryt??  And since my exam's got over i am having times of my life like literally im hardly home and since im very busy tomorrow and the folllowing days as well,i thought of doing a super fast blog post.. so here i am. i am sharing the pics of the food festival tht happened a long back in our town, and i wore this very beautiful mustard coat tht i brought last winter maybe i really dont know but tht coat has been with me for so long..And i got this very comfortable velvet streachable pants and this has to be my favourite pant for now though tht was the only time i wore tht but im sure,i'll be wearing it again and again..

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


    Sorry for been gone long.. i was MIA this last 2 days and i didnt have time to use the net.. i am having my pre board examination but i just attended one exam and i missed all the rest of it i was tht busy..anyway let's not get there.. i am here with another outfit post.. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy new year guys, with the rising of the sun,may rise u're destiny at the peak,may peace rule your heart and may prosperity rule u're life in this year all my best wishes to my readers.. so wht are u're resolution this year?? about me i was thinking about making a new year resolution, but why tamper with perfection?? lol jokes apart i have a lots of resolution and the some which tops the lists are

1-To give away as much as i can to the needy and less fortunate ones

 I am from a country where poverty rate is very high and there are ppl who lives in the street begging for money.. they do not have parents or family and the ppl dont give them money coz those children smokes and inhale dendryte or smth they call which they initially started because they had nth to eat and inhaling tht substance keeps their stomach full(tht's wht they say) which now has become an addiction..tht is one reason why i sometime hesitate to give them money and shoo them away but no tht is wrong i promise to never shoo them away instead of giving them money directly i will buy them food and ppl of my country reading this  pls do this coz a packet of biscuit wont hurt u're pocket and will fill their empty stomach and i promise to donate a lot as much as i can.