Thursday, January 17, 2013


      I'm late yet again... i promised myself i'll blog on time but sometimes it just  happens ryt?? Esp wen u're having all good times in u're life,good times tht makes rest of the thing less important.u know wht i mean ryt??  And since my exam's got over i am having times of my life like literally im hardly home and since im very busy tomorrow and the folllowing days as well,i thought of doing a super fast blog post.. so here i am. i am sharing the pics of the food festival tht happened a long back in our town, and i wore this very beautiful mustard coat tht i brought last winter maybe i really dont know but tht coat has been with me for so long..And i got this very comfortable velvet streachable pants and this has to be my favourite pant for now though tht was the only time i wore tht but im sure,i'll be wearing it again and again..

AND.....tht was the yuckiest thing i ever kept in my mouth... trust me yuck...

Fooling around..Reminds me of my childhood

i simply loved tht golden glitter thin in th waist of the pant... tht adds a life to the pant..

Dont u love it wen u're boy carries u're bag for you??awww i cant help loving this boy more and more..

Let me wht u think about it in the comment below... i'll be back with another post... till then,BYE..


  1. bellissimo outfit!!!

    ❂Habanero Handmade


  2. hey Khusbu...lovely outfit...absolutely loving your love love
    love Vikee

  3. Nice pics. Have a great day.

  4. adorable ....cute ....lovely ...
    how about we follow eachother ? following you back :)

    1. thnk you so much..and ya sure i'll follow u back.. :)

  5. Loved the whole assemble .
    Followed you long back via GFC , but you didn't follow me back ! :/


    1. thnx subham..
      sorry maybe i didn't see it.. i'll follow u back.. :)

  6. this is such a great blog you have!!!!

    thx for stopping by my blog! this way i got the chance to meet your and love it! I am gonna start reading all the older posts right now!
    I am your newest fan!

    Hope you could follow my blog too and keep in touch!

  7. looks like so much fun and I love your outfit. The elephant bubble toy is too cute, reminds me of my childhood too xxx

  8. Your mustard blazer is perfection! ;)

  9. i love your outfit and awww boyfriends are so cute when they carry your purse right
    ps:I miss my boyfriend :(

  10. i so so love what am seeing here and i have an unending love for velvet......Keep looking good.