Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This dress was given to me by my sister quite a long ago and as i was cleaning my closet i found this dress in one corner. Its been a while since i wore something like this, so  i wore it when i went to watch a film . I love the length of this dress and i like how comfortable it is and you can wear it anywhere. I wore this wedge heel to match my dress which screams "SUMMER".

Thursday, July 25, 2013


 If you read my blog, you must know that we had been assigned to make dresses for those who are performing at the award show and we were doing that in a group and in our group we had to make 6 dresses, for 3 couple dance which were typical nepali item dance, salsa and waltz dance. And on the main day i knew we had to be backstage running errands, styling our people and will be very tired so i chose a very laid back and comfortable outfit. I dont really have very nice pictures of my outfit.

Monday, July 22, 2013


    Oh god i cant believe i've been gone for 1 week. 1 week without blogging feels like ages but as i told you we had been assigned to design outfits for those celebrities who performed in the national film award.Since we had to design 6 outfits in 5 days, we really had a hectic time some came out nice some ok and some little less than we expected. I will have a different blog post for that.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Hi, How are my lovelies doing?? I have been very very busy with my college projects, first the red day and now we are assigned to design dresses for the celebrities who are performing in the 50th anniversary of Kollywood. The program is friday and i just started doing my work today and i have to design and make 6 dresses, 3 for the actress and 3 for the actors, and as soon as this finishes, i have my viva for this semester. OH GOD too much to do too little time. So, this post will be a quick one. This post is titled college diary so you must know by now that it has to be something related to college. Well I just wanted to show you guys my another outfit for college.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 So, here i am again blogging about the RED DAY as i promised, i have so much to share with you guys. So i woke up the very morning with mixed feeling about the program and i was pretty much sure it's going to be a boring one because non of my friend's were participating and i would be there all alone. However, I got up, got ready, went there 1 hour later then the actual time only to find out the show hadn't started and there were so many people  yet to arrive. Meanwhile we planned to practice our sequence for the ramp walk and imagine poor me with a gown as heavy as that and with 6 inch heel and to top it off the ground that had small stone carved. MYAN i had pretty hard time  but i managed practicing there anyhow but the most funny part was after i practiced my sequence, i was looking at other people people doing it, i was just standing there and the next thing i know is i am on the ground SERIOUSLY??? I dont know what happened. i wasn't even moving, i was just standing idle and i fall just like that, god that was embarrassing.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


  It seemed like just yesterday i blogged about the red day program that happened in my college and here i am already, 1 year down the road gone like the wind. And those of you who are new to my blog and doesn't know what red day is and those who want to see my previous red day gown  you can click HERE. So, this year we were very very confused whether we should participate or no because what happened last year was not good, so many people were discouraged by it, I don't know how much of it is true but everyone in the college says that it is not a fair program, i mean the judgement is not fair at all. However i participated and i was one of the very few contestant that participated from my class, for me its not about winning or loosing, its about being there participating and giving your best. And to be true, for me its more  about getting to wear such beautiful extravagant gowns. :P. I spend 3-4 times more on my gown than the actual winner cash price and i even have heard people calling me foolish behind my back for doing tht but HELLO, wen do you get to wear something like tht again?? Like seriously, after this 3 years even if you want to wear something like this you cant, i mean no occasion calls for it, so make the most of it NOW. My way of looking at life is very different though. :P.Showing your creation and showcasing them yourselves is quite fun. So this is what i made.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


    If you are my regular reader, you must know i once shared  a very beautiful online shopping site named sheinside. Its the online shopping site where you can find numerous amount of cloths in very reasonable price and in this post i am going to show you the dress that i got from sheinside. Its a very beautiful piece with colorful details on the upper front part which has little stone work on it as well. I have accessoried it with blue earring and blue armbands and blue and orange bag to match the upper front part and a silver shoe to tone it down a little.