Tuesday, August 27, 2013


"Noore khuda noore khuda tu kahan chupa hai humey bata. Noore khuda, noore khuda, yun na humse nazarein phira"

 I have been humming this song for last 10-15 minutes. I just watched Indian Idol Junior and My god! What a talent. I wish i could sing half as good as them and if i could, i would sing all day to myself and make my mood jolly with my own voice lol. Sorry for that random stuffs. Let's get to the outfit of the day.

This top was one of the most feminine piece of clothes i own and i never thought i'd wear this with something as edgy as this liquid pants, I did some cuts here and there and modified this top to go along with the pant and teamed with this red and black wedge heel. Did all these went along together well?? Let me know.

And since i was so awestruck by the talent of those little ones, i titled this post TALENT as this is the only word tht i can think of ryt now, YES very funny i know. What to do?? Im cheesy like that, bear me.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013


  How are you all. GR8 i  hope. This outfit of mine is combined by the two very old skirts that i had in my closet. They were in one of the corners of my wardrobe for god knows how many year,  2?? yea they were there for 2 long years, waiting to be worn but loosing its charm so i  modified these 2 skirts and made it one and i loved what i came up with. To be true the outfit looks way better in real than in these pictures. I dont know if its only me or anyone else has that problem, but my pictures never do justice to me, i mean i'm all dolled up and i look at the mirror and i love what i see there but when i take pictures i see just the  opposite person there than what i saw in mirror. I tend to look fatter thn what i really am, my outfit doesnt look as beautiful as it is in real, my makeup doesnt look as perfect as it is arghhh so many things to complain. Pls tell me i'm not the only one.

Its been raining cats and dogs in my town lately and the result?? dirty terrace, dirty backyard which can be clearly seen in my pictures. Dont mind them. Thats it sweeties, will be back pretty soon, till thn take care and give some love to your discarded outfit and try modifying it who knows? you may like what u tried. BYE.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Shivangini Rana came to limelight after her participation on the very famous show of MTV called SPLITSVILLA, after which she gained a huge number of fans because of her  charming personality. She is just 24, and she runs her own resort as CEO in Bardia called Bardia Adventure Resort,runs her Event Management Company named Lucky Ace Event, has acted in 2 shows on Mtv called Splitsvilla and Mtv reality starts, walked in 6 fashion shows as the show stopper and hosted numerous events.

*Tell me a little about yourself. What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
Im interested in almost everything be it sports, music, dance, adventure or travels.

What are you currently involved in?
- Currently i just finished shooting my 1st nepali film called Madhumas.

*What does fashion mean to you?
fashion to me is dressing to what suits your body , face and personality , being fashionably correct is not important but dressing accordingly to what suits you is.

*How would you define your style as?
my style is more on the comfort side jeans ,boots and tee's !, I also love the classic look long gowns and red carpet style.*What can we find in u're bag?
*What can we find in u're make up bag?
f you were to ever peek into my bag you would find ALMOST NOTHING im the carry no make up kind of a girl, Maybe once in a blue you would find my mac lipstick mostly an orange or pink. but apart from that just my credit card . I hate carrying stuff. my credit card , lipstick and phone that would be all and a mini dior addict perfume

*Most/Least expensive fashionable item u own?
my non - expensive item that i own would be leopard print home fluffy slippers that i picked up from new road haha theyre gorgeous by the way!

*What do we find the most in your wardrobe?
my wardrobe has EVERYTHING. from pink leggings too stylish mink coats .

*On a normal day,do you put on make-up or keep it natural?
on a normal day i go no make up , i hardly wear make up

*Proudest Moment?
proudest moment winning ..umm coming 1st playing drums or horse riding everytime i top anything its a very proud moment, I love winning , it keeps me motivated and realistic that such a thing is possible. 

*Do you read blogs?
umm sorry i dont really read blogs but i watch alot of t.v haha

*How do you spend a day?
My days are very busy but everyday is different sometimes im running around organising events other days im shooting and sometimes checking inventory and competition of the resort other days which is one day saturday i turn my phone off and SLEEP the whole day .

*What do you do to keep yourself fit and fine?
well i go through many phases when it comes to staying healthy sometimes its a crazy 7 day diet sometimes gym , depends on my mood

*What are your future plans?
i take things as they come , never skip an opportunity and give my hundred percent when it comes to doing something i enjoy, i dont know what the future has for me but whatever it is im up for it  

*Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years i wish i could see where id be , but with the way i work i sure think im gonna end up single and a very successful woman !-

*Brands- Zara , Mango , Dior, H&M , Steve Madden. 
*International personality- Paris Hilton
*Nepalese personality- Anuradha Koirala 
*Nepali designer- Subexya Bhadel & Vivek Upadhyay *Item you own- Projector i find it very useful to watch my movies anywhere
*Make up brand- Mac
*TV Show- Vampire Diaries and One tree hill 
*Magazine- the ones that im on the cover of, not really a magazine kind of a girl

Black/white OR Colourful?- White
Classic OR Latest Trend?- Classic 
Pant OR Skirt?- Pant
Heel OR Flat?- Heel
Model OR Actor?- Actor 
Work OR Play?- Work
Money OR Love OR Power?- Love
Evening Gown OR Cocktail Dress?- Evening gown

Any fashion tips u want to give to my readers??
Try out different outfits and ask ur friends what suit u then pick up accordingly. sometimes something looks very pretty on someone but may not suit you , so its always good to know what goes with you as a person to enhance how you look .

Any last words??
I'm 24 years old and running a company on my own - acting pursuing my dreams and running my resort all of this due to one thing determination and will power - There is so much to life that we can achieve its just that one thought that can change the whole world for us, u just need to find it - find what you love and let it kill you ! secret to my hardwork and success !

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 And the first thing i did after i came home was click click click. Since i cant think of anything to write right now, let the picture do the talking..

Isnt this floral shorts so cute? and guess what?? i made them myself and to add little more drama to it, i added the shoulder strap.  I wore this net shirt with it and accessoried with a hat and a spike bracelet. Let me know if you liked the overall ootd.
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That's it guys for now, will be back pretty soon and yes i promise to blog more often and also continue with my sunday blog guest once in 2 weeks. BYEEEE.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


  Its been one week already (AGAIN) that i am out of blogosphere and i hate it dayum.. I havent been able to post because i am having my exams right now and also i have so many pending assignments that i need to submit during exams. And more importantly because i dont really have any outfit pics taken. As i was going through my files, i saw these very old pictures and i was really confused whether i should blog about it or no. I was literally debating with my self so i titled this post debate lol..  BLAME ME ..