Saturday, October 27, 2012


                I am back after a long long time.. had fun celebrating the most exotic and fun festival.... gained few lbs and played cards nonstop...anyway had gr8 time during the holiday and  the festival is done with but i still have long holiday so im making sure im going to be regular in blog posting.. i have been very very lazy lately but not now.. i am going to be a good blogger.. :P ..
                      So let's talk about my outfit..this is taken in my college where we were called to rehearse for the "dasain programme". i wore this floral pants because now finally the time has come to bid summer of 12 a goodbye and i did it by wearing this floral pant coz i wont be able to wear it in winter and wore this black net  shirt to go with and a coat coz we left early in the morning and it was a bit cold.. i didnt wanted to wear this shirt though i wanted to wear a bright shirt coz the pant and coat are lil dull color but since i said i am very lazy i coudnt find it and had to wear it but i wore this red shoes because of it...

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Finally!! yes finally i'm back in my blog...And since we have a long holiday for festival season i'll make sure i'm going to be regular.. i love everything about this festival except the fact tht i'm going to gain a lots of weight which already started though.. i've gained few pounds already which will be clearly visible in my pics below and god knows how much more will i gain during this break... ok so without much complain i'll leave u with the pics tht i clicked wen i had my college programme.. so enjoy and do tell how it looks..