Monday, October 28, 2013


  In this post i am showing this very beautiful blue feathers printed maxi dress with ruffle details on the neck part. Even till now i thought the prints were floral and as i was about to write the topic for the post, i noticed the prints were not floral but feathers. I wore this beautiful piece to a little cousin's birthday. Since the dress was very loose, i added a belt to bring it to shape and i loved how the belt brought beautiful flowy structure to the dress.

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Friday, October 25, 2013


Hiya, I am back yet again with another "favourites" post.  And this time it is from the most awesome online shopping called PERSUNMALL, where you can find all kind of clothes,shoes,bags and jewelleries.  They have so many beautiful items that i really had a tough time choosing only few to share with you guys. I have divided the items into four parts DRESSES, SWEATERS, JACKET AND COATS, AND BOTTOMS.





Didn't i tell you, they're awesome?? If you want to order any of these items just click the blue link below the pictures, it will take you there directly and if the pictures i chose is not your type you can just click HERE. I am sure you wont be disappointed because they have lots of stuff for every style and every occasions. That's it babes. bye. :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello beautiful people, how is life?? All fun and happening i guess. I was feeling a little low because of the depressing weather i must say. Drizzling all day, chilly wind and gloomy day made my day boring and when i heard the weather is staying the same for a week, i almost fainted (exaggerating :P).  But suddenly it was sunny and all bright the next day. So taking advantage of the weather i went out with him wearing this outfit. I played safe wearing this light sweater and boots because i didn't just trust the ever changing weather of our city. And the leg, i  kept it bare because peculiarly i don't feel cold in my legs. Seriously, is it just me?? Even in the harsh winter weather i can be in a thin stockings all day but i have to have all thick coats and lots of layering in the top. Don't blame me, i am unique like that. :P

The amazing blue sunglasses are from choies, so if u want to buy it you can order it from CHOIES. And if you like the look pls dont forget to hype it HERE. And pls do let me know what you think about this. Show love. :)

Friday, October 18, 2013


HI, its that time of the year again. Its festival time, its holiday time,the fun times, YEAH!!!.  I am sure most of you know what dashain is. For those who doesnt, check out my last years post, you will know. click HERE.  This is my outfit for the main day of the festival.

  I too am a firm believer of wearing traditional attire atleast once a year, atleast in dashain and i am guilty of the fact that i didnt wear one this time because i dont know why but for some weird reason, i didn't feel the festival coming, until it came very close and striked me that i hadn't ordered an outfit for myself. Then i went crazy contacting boutiques and designers but everyone was very very busy and packed. I also went shopping to see if i can find some good stuff, but no i didn't as most of the store had sale going on with their leftovers. Thankfully, i found this beautiful peach coloured dress in my wardrobe which i thought would be perfect as it's pretty and decent for family gatherings.

Here are some additional pictures of how we celebrated it. enjoy. :)

That's the grandmother, the most elder member of the family waiting to put tika to others.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hello readers
           Its been quite a long time that i haven't done a "favourites" post. And today this post is all about my all time favourite online store SHEINSIDE. They have new arrivals everyday and i am going to share my favourite fall/autumn items from their online store with you all. This may also help you guys for your shopping. So enjoy.

1- Dresses
            Well who said you cant wear dresses in chilly weather,dresses are indeed my favourite items for fall/autumn or even the winter because u get to layer it and it makes your outfit even more beautiful and cozy with all that layering and also it will look like you have put on a lot of effort whereas you did not. These are my favourite dresses for the fall.

 To know more details about these dresses click the below info.
1- Dark Grey Long Sleeve Elastic Side Split Dress
2- Navy Blue Daisy Floral Print Denim Dungaree Dress
3- Black Lapel Long Sleeve Geometric Print Dress-p-145906-cat-1727.html
4-Black long sleeve split long dress
5- Grey Hooded Short Sleeve Anchor Letters Print Dress
6- Black Contras Lapel Long Sleeve Lace Dress

2- Sweaters, Jackets and Cardigans
                     To remain warm you have to wear warm clothes and ofcourse layer on an on and it is not possible without warm top right? Below are my favourite jacket from the store.

Dont forget to click the below info to know more.
1- Apricot-Batwing-Long-Sleeve-Geometric-Cardigan-Sweater
2- Wine-Red-Contrast-Leather-Long-Sleeve-Zipper-Coat
3- Navy-Hooded-Sleeveless-Zipper-Cotton-Outerwear
4- Black-Spiked-Shoulder-Faux-Leather-Moto-Jacket

3- Bottoms
            Bottoms are the most essential piece of cloth in the windy/chilly weather. Now you dont want to be freezing yourself by showing your bare legs in the cold, do you? So here are my picks on the stylish botttom that you can rock on days like these.

Click the info to know more about it.
1- Black-Shoulder-Strap-Metal-Clasp-Jumpsuit
2- Grey-Asymmetrical-Split-Pleated-Skirt
3- Floral-Drawstring-Waist-Loose-Chiffon-Pant
4- Black-White-Totem-Print-Elastic-Waist-Pant
5- Black-Skinny-Contrast-Leather-Elastic-Leggings
6- Army-Green-Camouflage-Elastic-Slim-Pant

 These is it. Dont forget to check out the site for more beautiful stuffs like these. Just click HERE and have a happy shopping. :) And also there are so many people asking me about how to order through them and where to pick up the stuff, i just wanted to tell you that once you click the above link, in the top right hand site you will find a "online help" button, where you can chat with them and they will help you with your queries.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


     How are you guys?? Hope all is well. I don't know if u noticed or no but the ones close to me are telling me this a lot. They are saying my style has changed. Well i am the one who likes to experiment different styles but lately i have been more attached to laid back, casual, comfortable and little grung-ish compared to how dolled up i used to be previously. I don't know how this sudden change came, one reason is probably because i had shopped a lot for college and for college i wanted my outfit to be comfortable but unfortunately i couldn't wear them because my college got a little stricter and we were asked to come in college dress. So, i had to utilize those new stuffs i brought right??

Now tell me if i have overly used this hat. I dont know what's wrong with me but i feel like wearing this with every outfit possible and also very strangely, it goes perfectly with everyone of them making my outfit stand out even more.

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                                                      LOVE YOU LOADS.
                                                                     KHUSBU. :)

Monday, October 7, 2013


 Hello lovely people,
 Can you see the beautiful forest?? The beautiful forest print on my dress? This lovely dress is from SHEINSIDE. And the most awesome thing about this dress is you can wear it anyway u like girly, preppy, classy, casually, u ask it, u get it. I instantly fell in with this dress because of the print and i told myself I NEED IT. All thanx to SHEINSIDE, I got it. If you want see how other bloggers have styled this beautiful dress click HERE and also u can order it for yourself there. The best part is they have free shipping internationally. ENJOY PEOPLE. :)

I chose to wear this with a cardigan and a simple wedge slipper and i wore this to shopping with friends. I added the cardigan because my city has been little windy the past few days.

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