Friday, October 18, 2013


HI, its that time of the year again. Its festival time, its holiday time,the fun times, YEAH!!!.  I am sure most of you know what dashain is. For those who doesnt, check out my last years post, you will know. click HERE.  This is my outfit for the main day of the festival.

  I too am a firm believer of wearing traditional attire atleast once a year, atleast in dashain and i am guilty of the fact that i didnt wear one this time because i dont know why but for some weird reason, i didn't feel the festival coming, until it came very close and striked me that i hadn't ordered an outfit for myself. Then i went crazy contacting boutiques and designers but everyone was very very busy and packed. I also went shopping to see if i can find some good stuff, but no i didn't as most of the store had sale going on with their leftovers. Thankfully, i found this beautiful peach coloured dress in my wardrobe which i thought would be perfect as it's pretty and decent for family gatherings.

Here are some additional pictures of how we celebrated it. enjoy. :)

That's the grandmother, the most elder member of the family waiting to put tika to others.

That's it guys, dont forget to hype the look HERE.


  1. such a cute outfit !
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  2. I saw this earlier today on LOOKBOOK, and I think you and this dress are fabulous! You are like "Princess Khusbu" here with this gloriously beautiful dress. Equally lovely are the handbag and peep-toe pumps. I am not as educated about Nepal and Nepalese culture, but this seems like a great occasion you celebrated here. Anyhow, great blog post!

  3. Beautiful dress.You look like a princess..

  4. Wow, this is amazing! I love how your post let us get an insight into nepalese culture and I really think you look stunning in that dress!


  5. Un look perfecto. Me encanta tu vestido rosa.
    Muy guapa.
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  9. Beautiful and this dress is great!!! Lovely pics!!! Thanks for the visit, so you´ve a new follower.


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  12. you look beautiful in that dress :) the pink color suits your skintone so well
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  13. Amazing post, I like it, it is wonderful to know other cultures through you, thank you very much for sharing with us, pretty¡¡
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  14. WoW you looked amazing on that dress! ;)

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