Thursday, August 22, 2013


  How are you all. GR8 i  hope. This outfit of mine is combined by the two very old skirts that i had in my closet. They were in one of the corners of my wardrobe for god knows how many year,  2?? yea they were there for 2 long years, waiting to be worn but loosing its charm so i  modified these 2 skirts and made it one and i loved what i came up with. To be true the outfit looks way better in real than in these pictures. I dont know if its only me or anyone else has that problem, but my pictures never do justice to me, i mean i'm all dolled up and i look at the mirror and i love what i see there but when i take pictures i see just the  opposite person there than what i saw in mirror. I tend to look fatter thn what i really am, my outfit doesnt look as beautiful as it is in real, my makeup doesnt look as perfect as it is arghhh so many things to complain. Pls tell me i'm not the only one.

Its been raining cats and dogs in my town lately and the result?? dirty terrace, dirty backyard which can be clearly seen in my pictures. Dont mind them. Thats it sweeties, will be back pretty soon, till thn take care and give some love to your discarded outfit and try modifying it who knows? you may like what u tried. BYE.

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  1. awww so beautiful !
    I really love the photos and the look dear !

  2. Cute dress, looks sweet on you

    XX Luba

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  3. Ur delightful great posts just keep making me come back to Ur blog every time for a comment ,

    i love both u & Ur blog ,
    so am inviting you to celebrate with me my blogiversary & an international giveaway , come join me sweetie & make my day


  4. I love your dress! You look so beautiful ♥

  5. Cute dress! :) xx


  6. very cute!! you look great girl, thx for commenting!

    I follow you now, keep in touch