Saturday, July 14, 2012


Here i am again and this time i am blogging about the most important programme of our college "RED DAY"... this is the day where all the fashion designing student design an outfit and showcase it in the ramp walk in front of the judges... the student prepares for it months before the main event. all the student gets nervous and excited at the same time..
             Well lemme tell u how my red day started... me and my very lazy bestfrens red day got started with a phone call frm the teacher shouting at us to be in the venue asap coz the show is bout to start..and there we were doing everything in a hurry because we were the first ppl in the ramp walk and i was the contestant no.1 ie the show starter.. we went there at the venue expecting everyone top be angry with us because we werent on time but to our amusement the judge wasnt there yet and the show wasnt even ready to start yet and everyone was practising their rampwalk. so we went there practised our walk and after an hour or so the event started.. so here are the pictures of the show.. enjoy

 Overall the show was quite fun especially the after party... we had lotsa fun.. the speech by out director was quite inspiring.. the way she said "this event doesn't show where u'll end up being a designer even if u dont win, dont be disheartened ,there's a lot waiting for u and everyone of u is precious to me"... those lines were very inspiring... there was a little bias about the judgement though...most of the student present there didn't like the judgement.. I however wasnt very satisfied with the judgement because there were so many deserving dresses...i dont have any grudges with the girl... she seemed nice and pretty and her dress of course was very beautiful but there were dresses even more beautiful and even more deserving... tht's my point of view though.. maybe the judges loved this the most.. its their point of view... she won good for her... congrats girl.. nothing much to say now.. till then readers... take care and keep showing love...buhbie..


  1. Yours is beautiful! :)))

  2. Khusbu di i LOVE LOVE LOVE you dress
    itz so beautiful :)
    i also wanna wear it..

  3. I just love your dress! It's incredibly beautiful. I want one :)

  4. You look beautiful!!

  5. Your dress should have won, it was easily my favourite from the photos, it was so classy and modern! Like a modern-day princess gown :)

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  6. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:

  7. When I saw your dress I thought that you won.... :O :O I cant understan how that dress could win :O
    Very pretty in those photos!

  8. lovely blog...we have one mummy and doughter blog..if you want we can follow each other... kiss