Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey Reader, I am back to my blog after a long long time..So long tht even my blog asked me to confirm tht its me who is signing in..  I was not blogging for this long period because i had some problem in my blog and i thought i wouldn't blog until i fix it but couldnt because i dont really know wht is wrong with my blog.. I hope u've noticed by now tht my blog doesnt show the pictures i've uploaded long back... i just shows pictures of my first 3 blogpost or so and after tht u cant see any pictures.. i dont know if its because of my poor internet connections.. i asked some of my frens check it out they said the same thing.. and pls do comment below if u cant see my previous pictures too...
          Anyway, putting those behind.. i've come up with outfit post tht i clicked long back. and i just didn't had time to post it.. so here it is.. enjoy and pls do let me know if u can see the pictures after the 3rd blog post

 Tht's all for now... keep it stylist.. till nxt post- khusbu

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  1. Love the mix of colors + prints. I think the sky blue pussy bow really adds a touch of class.

  2. Love this combination! The red and leopard!
    You look gorgeous! <3

  3. Beautiful look! I love your skirt:D Thx for following:D
    Keep in touch,
    xx chris

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  5. wow :)
    amazing outfit :)
    love your skirt :)

    thanks for nice comment on my blog :)

    I follow your blog now :)

  6. Thanks for your comment! Ok, i follow you now, please follow me back
    Kisses from spain

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  8. Love it!!!

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