Wednesday, May 7, 2014


   Mother's day is coming near, so what are your plans for mother's day?? In my country, we already celebrated mother's day and i am sure everyone of you made your mother feel special that particular day. Actually, anything and everything we do is little for our mother, non of it replaces the love, pain, sacrifices she made for us but when we have that one day when we can make her feel special, we totally should do that.
   Good news to all my readers that SHEINSIDE is having a sale on the occasion of mother's day. So, that you can buy anything you want for your mother and get discount. And if you have some different plans for your mother on that day than you can shop for yourself, who would want to miss the opportunity right? To get 15% off your total price, use the code:mother15 and if you shop over $100 than use the code mother20 and get 20% off your total price but don't forget to register yourself first by clicking HERE.
  Below are the pictures some  of my personal favourites, check it out. :)

Lovely, Isn't it?? I will keep updating you if there is any other promotion coz I love my readers. :P, That is it for now, will be back pretty soon, BYE. :)


  1. the first look is super sexy :) i'm sure it will enhance the bodysilhouette a lot :)

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