Monday, February 17, 2014


        I am sure everybody in my city is fed up of this weather. Just when we thought the winter is over, and we can walk around in lighter clothes, plans to be harsh and showers us with his love that no one wants right now, at least not me. This year i thought it wasn't very cold comparatively and i was boasting around saying "malai ta yo pali jado nai lagena" and i didn't even take out my coats from the hangers yet and boy was i wrong, the past 3-4 days, i have been shivering my hearts out (is it even a sentence). Thank god, the weather is little better today. Today i am going to post about the youth fest that happened in my school.
       I came to know about this youth fest from my little sister who studies there period. First, i was shocked because when we were there, GEMS never organized any youth program and definitely not any program as such where outsiders were allowed, indeed outsiders were never allowed inside the premises unless you are related to the students studying there and you have come to pay them a visit and unless you have a proper formal permission from the administration. Second, I was very happy because i get to go back to the place where i spent almost all my childhood days and all the good and bad memories of my childhood is from the boarding school days.
I was praying for a good sunny day, but the rain destroyed it all. It was foggy and chilly and was drizzling all day making me wish i was at my bed under a big fluffy quilt. More than being nostalgic at the fact that i am in my school after 4-5 yrs, i felt lonely, the same place where we used to run around playing and laughing felt very new to me, i felt like i didn't belong there, i didn't see any known faces there. It was funny lol. 

 Before dressing up for the fest, i peeked through my window to see how the weather was and i could see sunlight and i chose to wear this outfit without the socks thinking it would be hot, then something made me think it might rain later on and i thought of wearing the socks over my stockings to keep my legs little warm. Thank god, i believed my instinct and wore the knee high socks or else i would die shivering (exaggeration level 100 lol). Let me know how to feel about my outfit, and if you like it don't forget to hype it on lookbook by clicking HERE. And incase you are wondering where i got this beautiful contrast sleeved jacket from, i got it from PERSUNMALL, if you want to order the same click HERE.


  1. Love your jacket :)

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  2. Lovely outfit! Visiting our childhood playgrounds and schools we attended can be both sweet and bitter experience.

  3. Omg!! gems looks so different!!! as always amazing blog.x

  4. I adore your bag!
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  6. love your jacket
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  7. Your hair is so pretty! I want that jacket.

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