Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello Readers,
    How've you been?? I hope good. I have titled this post "Different" because the ootd i have posted here is very different from what i actually wear. The outfit is little punk/grunge, though the hairstyle didn't match up, i had this big puff which was going quite well with the get up but the puff didn't hold up for very long and ended up looking like this.

This whole outfit was put around this creepers. This beautiful creepers is from MART OF CHINA, an online shopping where you can get stuffs at wholesale rate, the prices are very reasonable and the quality is great. If you want to order this particular piece you can order it from HERE. Its is very comfortable too.

Let me know if you like this different look of mine. That is it, will be back pretty soon, till thn take care. :)


  1. Hi, darling! just discovered your blog! you are absolutely gorgeous, and like your style today, the creepers are awesome, need to check the e-shop! <3 Zhanna,

  2. Love your platforms :)

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  3. Nice shoes <3
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  4. love your blog *.* so cute hun

    following you <3

  5. I´ve always been a little grunge, so I love your outfit!!!! Those creepers are awesomeee

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  6. D can you name me some cheap and safe online shop? And can you tell where can I get my things here in ktm after ordering it?

  7. Dd can u tell me how u order stuff from
    online stores of China coz Nepal bata ta we can't send money to others countries.