Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Hello lovely people,
 How are all of you, thinking of what to write here is always a headache to me. There were times when i used to think that my blog is my diary and i used to write whatever is in my mind and even rant about what is going on in my life, the things i didn't like but ever since i got a reality check from my readers who commented saying things i don't wanted to hear, it hit my head that there are people who reads this and that this is noway your personal diary. From then, i started being very careful and started filtering my words. I wrote only about my outfit and things that is OK to be written here for the world to see and read, that is if they do. But sometimes i wish i could be a carefree as i was when i first started blogging and pour my hearts out here whenever i am low or when i am having the best days of my life. I wish i could write away all that i have in my mind and heart and not worry about what people would say after that. I don't know how many bloggers have faced it, but i am someone who writes tons of paragraphs and deletes them again thinking oh no that shouldn't be going up there. Lol. How i wish everyone was non judgemental and respected everyone's feeling. 

This is the outfit that i wore for a lunch with bunch of friends. This is the all black outfit (which i have wearing a lot idk why?) with a little hint of gold here and there. This awesome black with metallic gold detailed top is from FRONTROWSHOP. The online shopping site where you can find so many products and the quality is at its best. Their products are so different from the ones we see in other online sites. They mostly have structured silhouette which is also very much in trend. Visit their site to see for yourself. And if you want to order the same sweatshirt than you can click HERE or you can contact me in my facebook HERE for more details. I will be more than happy to answer your inquiries. 

That is it guys. Don't forget to hype this very casual look of mine if you liked it HERE. Will be back pretty soon with an exciting news(hopefully) which i have been wanting to say for quite a long time but have been waiting for the right time.


  1. wow, simply black with gilded detailing, looks very chic darling! <3 xoxo

  2. Love your heels :)

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  3. Bonita sudadera!!

  4. The gold accents on your boots and top are so lovely!

  5. cool photos!!
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  6. I thingk you should can write what you want in your blog, if it makes you happy!
    Anyway, love your sweater and heels, you look great! :D

  7. wow this looks amazing, i love the black and gold! especially the shoes!

  8. You look amazing !!
    Go on and write whatever you feel like, its your own blog and do not worry what shit others say. Just ignore and do everything the way you want it to do :D