Monday, March 31, 2014


  Long time no see eh?? 10 days without blogging, OH GOD, I had promised myself to be very regular and here i am blogging after 10 days, well i have a good reason though. I am having my boards, I've finished theories but i still have 2 practicals to be given which is happening tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and i still manage to squeeze in a post today.  Hahahahah I wish i could say this and pretend to be all geeky and stuff but no, even if i am having my exams, i will have enough time to post because i manage to do everything but studying during my exams. Well, to be true, the reason i hadn't posted in a while is because i was waiting for my new website to be completed, YES, i am going to blog through a different webpage now, which will be my own registered domain (about which i will talk later, hopefully in my next post). It is being like ages and i haven't got my website completed yet. Because the person keeps telling me "tomorrow it will be completed" all the time, i always stay in a hope that my next post will be in my new blog, the reason why i hadn't been blogging for such a long time. And since the "tomorrow" of that person never came, i am here blogging about this outfit which is a mix of leather and plaids.

When i wore this outfit, i felt it kinda looked good and hence ended up taking pictures. But today as i was looking though them, i thought S*** I don't like it. I was debating with myself on whether i should post this pictures online or not. Part of me thought, its okay do it and part of me said noway, you're not doing that and as i was on the process of uploading the pic of my facebook account, i closed the tab very fast before it could get uploaded because i didn't want to upload it. I thought this beautiful skirt deserves so much better, tomorrow i am going to style it much better and post it online, I then opened up facebook after that and HOLYS*** my picture is already uploaded and oh no, i already have 50 likes within a minute. I couldn't do anything after that so i ended up posting it here too LOL.
    Incase you are wondering, where i got this beautiful leather skater skirt from?? Well, it is from this awesome online site called CHICNOVA. It is a street fashion online site catering beautiful clothing items to girls who loves to look good and feel the best. If you want to order the same skirt, you can do so by clicking  HERE

That is it, if you think this outfit is nice, please hype it on lookbook HERE and also let me know what you think about it on the comment box below, i would love to know your point of view. Till then BYE and will be back pretty soon. UMWAAAAHHH.


  1. You're so cute! I love your skirt :) xx


  2. lovely outfit!

    check out my newest post and tell me what you think about it:

    love, Theri

  3. this is a lovely outfit khusbu. :)

  4. This outfit does not look good...It look fantabulous..casual yet chic. I love it. M glad u posted it.
    Keep blogging.

    New Post up

  5. really cute skirt


  6. Oh very beautiful skirt!