Friday, April 6, 2012


                    This is the last post of the 1 week outfit provided by posh..It is a very beautiful gown that can be worn by anyone and trust me everyone is gonna look nice in this piece of dress...u can wear this kind of dress in parties or even in some special ocassions like your birthday so u can stand out among all the ppl present there....and it's let the picture do the talking.

hahaaha i tried cindrella pose....guess thts not for me...but its worth trying when u have such a beautifull dress...go go go hurry up before someone else takes this...dont miss this opportunity..

              Well last but not the least i'd like to thank Smriti dd from POSH for providing such beautiful dresses and giving me opportunity to flaunt them...i hope i get next chance too :P....

tille then take care and be stylish


  1. in love with dis dress....u look gorgeous love :]

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  3. how much is the dress walau i've got to buy this i just hope its affordable ..
    and not to forget you look gorgeous, you're very photogenic...

  4. My hearts falls in ur dress<3 Pretty!
    Btw, cute umbrella!<3

    Following ya:)
    I wait, for ur follow button:D

    Have a goregeous day!