Sunday, April 15, 2012


Happy nepali new year everyone...i know i'm late but its better late then never ain't it?? so wht did u guys do in new year?? i'm sure u all had fun so did i... i went to these beautiful resort in nagarkot in new year eve to spend my new year there with my was so much fun..far from the hectic,polluted city it was situated in a open place where we could take in the fresh air..the scenery out there was awesome..but we didnt go to see the sunset and even the sunrise which is most famous there because we are lazy just  like tht..but we had fun to the fullest..some of u might find the topic kind of weird but the idea came from beyonce.. she told some magazine tht getting herself a holiday helps to keep her skin beautiful and trust me i found tht quite happens to work on me as well because your skin needs fresh air and u need to be realxed and stress free for beautiful skin ..and for staying there i choose this beautiful comfortable outfit and paired it with another comfortable wedge slipper so here it is...

so tht's all.. i just showed the picture of the outfit...that's all for now....till then take care and have fun


  1. I like the laces on your tunic as well as the shoes! (Really, I thought "the laces goes well with the shoes") Your family member's "POP" t-shirt is cool too :) (wow, this sentence sounds a bit artificial, but you get what I mean)