Friday, January 27, 2012


 I hope u all are fine..First of all i want to say i am so sorry for not being regular.The college thing has made me as busy as an ant..So,since tomorrow is saturday i wanted to do a quick post...but mind you tomorrow being saturday i still dont have off....we have a programme as tomorrrow is saraswoti puja,and i being CR of the class have to be there no excuse would be accepted from my side...
                   Anyway so today my family was very lazy to cook anything at home and wanted me to bring eateries from out so i went to KFC for some dinner and also it was my chance to buy some clothes for myself...ever since i joined college i dont even have to for shopping...and college started a month ago and i was seriously in need of retail therapy so i couldn't let this chance i went very casual as i was not in mood to get too glizty glam-ish...i wore this black pant brought by mom from cardigan bought in boudha,shoes bought long ago in sphinx,citycentre(my all time fav for shoes as they alwz manages to bring ryt shoes of my size for which other shop fails)and black leather enjoy

ok tht's all for now...hope u liked it...please comment..your comment would mean a lot to me...till then take care..much love..buhbie


  1. rocker chick in the house yo! Stunning!


  2. you look really cool. good luck with your school works.

  3. so bad-ass!=D love what you did with your hair too!=D

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