Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 How are you all doing?? hope for me,these days my days are all hectic...I've recently joined college and trust me since then i dont have time to do anything...i'm burdened with homeworks and projects that are never ending...never in my life i thought Fashion designing would be so difficult and hectic....but i guess i need to bear wit it because tht's where im destined to be..and i'll overcome all difficulties tht'll come in the way....i've made new friends who are just so fun to be with... this is wht i wore to my college today..

and yeah announcement...since the winner of my giveaway was size 5....i have this size 3 in my cupboard staying if anyone is interested to buy it then..please let me know...tht's all for now..till then take care
enjoy your college life because tht's the life u'd cherish forever...enjoy lovelies...buhbie..


  1. Yeah fashion designing is too difficult hai?Its like a mixture of math and all the other difficult stuffs.anyways its a great thing that u're going to school and making the most out of your time .. btw you look gorgeous in the previous post with the fur jacket and the red maxi are so lucky to be in nepal coz the weather is s beautiful in there...over here it snows and is so cold that u don't even want to dress up :( !!

  2. Hope youre enjoying it! I'll be starting in the fall! O.O haha!
    Love your shoes!

  3. Hi. Lovely shoes. Where did you get that from ? It looks like Jeffrey Campbell.

  4. love the mix of prints!! the shoes!! :)