Saturday, January 14, 2012


    i know u guys are all good i need not ask it again and again...some of u must be enjoying your weekend whereas some of you must be sitting idle infront of your tv and lappy just like me.. and oh yeah!!my routine's changed now..i dont use net all day long...these days i wake up around half past 6 in the morning and get ready for my college...going back to college after more than a year is so much fun..meeting new people,having new environment,new interest,learning new things and so much more..i am totally loving it...i return home at half past 3 and run towards Hyatt to keep myself fit and healthy and return around 7 and eat, do my neverending homeworks and dose off around 9-10..this has been my everyday routine since i joined my college..however whenever we girls at the college plan to go out after college which happens usually the hyatt parts get edited and fun part replaces it....

             Anyways the girls planned to go hessed a very beautiful place where cupcakes are heaven....i have a small story attached to this place though....we took a cab from college and since most of the taxi drivers in nepal are ditchers we asked him how much will he charge from the college which is in bishalnagar,chandol to jhamsikhel and he said he'll go only in meter and we have to pay how much the meter shows...and we were like what if u're meter shows 500?? and he was like if it comes tht much than dont pay a single penny...but guess what??? when we went there his meter showed bloddy 600.....hahahahahh that was so funny we fought with the driver for a while but had to pay him lol.....and the most funny part was when i took a cab to ride back home which is way more far than the distance we covered earlier,the driver charged only it weird or funny???i dunno wht should i say....these things happens only in nepal i guess!!
                    OOOPS!! i must be boring you with all  sorry...enjoy the pics...

ya thats me wen im with my frens (lol)

ok thats all for now!! i hope u liked it....buhbie..


  1. looking gorgeous!!!!

  2. the cupcakes look soooo sweet!

  3. love all the pics! ;)


  4. nice pics... you are looking gorgeous as usual... i've got a question! where is this beautiful place where cupcakes are heaven... m curious about the place...

    1. its in hessed...and thnk you so much,,

  5. Love the tunic! The last pic is classic!