Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is a quick post where i'll not be blabbering much coz im very busy ryt now.. we are renovating and painting the house and i am really really busy... The things at my house is a mess ryt now i cant find belongings thnk god i am been able to use net which will be gone in 1-2 days temporarily till i re-paint my room and till my room is complete...I still am very confused coz i dont know wht should i do to my room my furnitures are white in color with touch of brown in it and wht color paint should i use wht should be added ans wht not.. i've been browsing the net but not satisfied... if u happen to know any interior blogs or very beautiful pics of rooms and pls fell free to let me know...
                                   Ok as i said i will not be blabering much so i am leaving u with the pics tht i took in the 1st day of my shopping spree....enjoy

                      Tht's all take care buhbie...
                                                               <3 -khusbu


  1. It will be nice if you'll go with wallpaper, Victorian design ( like the one in Posh) but in golden color.
    Hope this will help you.

    1. thnk you so much for the idea.. i am thinking wallpaper myself.. :)

  2. Looooooooove your dress!!!!! So pretty :)
    You look beautiful dear :) Hope you had a great shopping spree!

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