Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 So, here i am again blogging about the RED DAY as i promised, i have so much to share with you guys. So i woke up the very morning with mixed feeling about the program and i was pretty much sure it's going to be a boring one because non of my friend's were participating and i would be there all alone. However, I got up, got ready, went there 1 hour later then the actual time only to find out the show hadn't started and there were so many people  yet to arrive. Meanwhile we planned to practice our sequence for the ramp walk and imagine poor me with a gown as heavy as that and with 6 inch heel and to top it off the ground that had small stone carved. MYAN i had pretty hard time  but i managed practicing there anyhow but the most funny part was after i practiced my sequence, i was looking at other people people doing it, i was just standing there and the next thing i know is i am on the ground SERIOUSLY??? I dont know what happened. i wasn't even moving, i was just standing idle and i fall just like that, god that was embarrassing.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


  It seemed like just yesterday i blogged about the red day program that happened in my college and here i am already, 1 year down the road gone like the wind. And those of you who are new to my blog and doesn't know what red day is and those who want to see my previous red day gown  you can click HERE. So, this year we were very very confused whether we should participate or no because what happened last year was not good, so many people were discouraged by it, I don't know how much of it is true but everyone in the college says that it is not a fair program, i mean the judgement is not fair at all. However i participated and i was one of the very few contestant that participated from my class, for me its not about winning or loosing, its about being there participating and giving your best. And to be true, for me its more  about getting to wear such beautiful extravagant gowns. :P. I spend 3-4 times more on my gown than the actual winner cash price and i even have heard people calling me foolish behind my back for doing tht but HELLO, wen do you get to wear something like tht again?? Like seriously, after this 3 years even if you want to wear something like this you cant, i mean no occasion calls for it, so make the most of it NOW. My way of looking at life is very different though. :P.Showing your creation and showcasing them yourselves is quite fun. So this is what i made.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


    If you are my regular reader, you must know i once shared  a very beautiful online shopping site named sheinside. Its the online shopping site where you can find numerous amount of cloths in very reasonable price and in this post i am going to show you the dress that i got from sheinside. Its a very beautiful piece with colorful details on the upper front part which has little stone work on it as well. I have accessoried it with blue earring and blue armbands and blue and orange bag to match the upper front part and a silver shoe to tone it down a little.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


In this post of sunday blog guest i chose Bishwo Gautam, a fashion designer of Nepal who has taken the nepalese fashion by storm. He has been in this line since 2006 but stayed under the limelight and in 2011, he launched his won label "Bishwo Gautam" which was the first solo fashion show in nepal and since then he is known to public and has been the most prominent fashion designer. He is also the official designer for Miss USA Nepal. His cocktail dresses and gowns are to die for.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


 Romper, playsuit?? Isnt it the same thing?? I dont know you tell me

Sunday, June 23, 2013


  In this post, i am showing the outfit that i wore on my 2nd day in Pokhara. It's a crochet white shorts with some crochet details in my shirt as well.. This day we went to see the famous fewa lake of the city, devi's fall and the international mountain meseum. It was quite a hectic day and i knew it would be so i wanted to be comfortable.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hi guys,
  In my previous outfit post, i told you guys about my weekend getaway to the very beautiful pokhara, so this is what i wore when i went there. The beautiful combination of  black and yellow reminds me of the song sung by Wiz Khalifa.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Sayal Shrestha, stylist, editor, writer, marketing manager surely has done a lot at such a young age.  He has worked for various fashion magazine and films and his works are tremendous, he is the man  behind most celebrities being even more gorgeous as he styles them perfectly. His styling is so perfect and beautiful that people will know that it is his work . Our country needs more people like him .Other than, his usual works, he is seen doing many social works and his favourite time pass is reading books. He is a total bookworm. To know more about this cute looking man, keep reading.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hiya lovelies,
    In this post, i am showing you what i wore today. It was my friend's birthday treat ( a very casual one) so i wanted to be in my casual yet beautiful attire. I wore a cherry printed shorts that i had with me for quite a long time and a printed top as well. I wanted to add a black belt to tone down two equally loud prints in my attire but i forgot. Haahahhhah. I had to rush to my health club early this morning and i completely forgot about the belt. Can i get any more worse?? And slipped on this pink-peachy color flats that you'll see me wearing a lot. I dont really have much flats, I seriously need to buy many flats for summer.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Avery beautiful face with the perfect height and body including a warm heart and very intelligent as well, if one has all these qualities, you can call them PERFECTO and my blog guest today is the perfect example of perfectness. Shristi Shrestha is Miss Nepal 2012 and also the first miss nepal to reach the  quarter finals in miss world, top 8 in beach beauty, top 10 in multimedia awards and al best dancer in miss world. She started her modelling career in London and there has been no turning back for this beauty. She has done many social works as well. Having done all her works as Miss Nepal 2012, she now crowned the latest Miss Nepal and is travelling right now. However she took out sometime to answer these questions. More of her in her own words.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hey readers, how was your week? Hope it was great and filled with fun. I went to a weekend getaway to Pokhara and it was so much fun. Well this trip was planned for so long and was always postponed for some or the other reason. So i thought it's too much i have to go there and told my family about it and next day? we were doing all the reservation and stuffs. And pokhara here i come. And for those of you who dont know pokhara, let me tell you it is one of the most beautiful places of our country. Its a heaven on earth. Everyone must visit pokhara at least once in their lifetime. Beautiful picture of pokhara coming soon on my blog.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


   So the giveaway which was sponsored by oasap held by my blog has ended now and I am here to announce the winner. And I have selected the winners through so that it is fair. So, the winner is.

Congrats honey, you will be contacted by the oasap team very soon.
That's all everyone. For those of you who tried and didn't win, don't worry there is always a next time. Will be back shortly. Till thn bye take care. :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


         Just came back home watching fast and the furious part 6 and oh god, it was awesome cant wait for part 7 to be released. My mind is still there and i cant think of anything to write so let the picture do the talking.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Standing 5ft 9.5 inches tall, Aastha is one of the tallest girl of Nepal. She is a very famous model of nepal, who started her modelling career in 2010 being the cover girl of Navyaata. From thereon, there is no turning back for this beauty. She participated in the first ever Asia's next top model and won heart of many including the judges. With the height and sharp features like her, she can easily become the favourite of all designers. To know more about her, read on.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi readers,
I have a giveaway for you presented by OASAP. This is an international giveaway so everyone can participate on it.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013



This pictures were taken 3-4 weeks back i guess. My over healthy body explains it. :P I have already reduced 3 kgs from tht body. YEA!! to me.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Tenzin Tseten Bhutia, a very famous fashion designer of Nepal graduated from National Institute of Fahion Technology,Bangalore. He has worked with designer Mano Viraj Khosla who is also a official designer of Kingfisher, India. He was also the finalist of the show Lets Design that was broadcasted by Zoom.
    I cant say he is one of the best designer of the country because he is not one of the best but "THE BEST" designer of the country according to me (no offence to other designer). I can prove my point too, His collection always stands out, His collection looks like a proper collection, His stitching is very neat and proper and the most important of all, which i have noticed is, he is one of very few designer of our country who actually goes according to fashion forecast. So i consider him to be the best designer of our country .Get to know more of him in his words..

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Last friday i went to the graduation fashion show of my seniors which was organized by OMG Theme event and as irresponsible as i am when i was about to leave my home, took my camera to click my outfit of the night and i realize i haven't charged it, the battery was dead. So here are some of my fav pics tht i took from various sites. Enjoy

This was the stage. Isn't it so beautiful. OMG never fails to impress.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hello Readers!
   I am back again and in this post i will be blogging about the latest discovery that i made in the world of online shopping. When im bored i start shopping online and as i was searching for various online shopping sites, i found out this cool site named MART OF CHINA.  It has a wide range of APPAREL, ShoesBAGS, JEWELLERIES and many other things beside that... and the best part is that they offer a wide range of everything, u can be spoiled by choices and to to add cherry on the top, the price range is very minimal. I'm ashamed to say that my online shopping has transcended beyond hunting for cheap bargains on the net.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Lex Limbu is  UK based nepali who has a blog where he usually blogs about the current scenario of nepalese media,celebrity and anyother thing a non residential nepali youth would love to read about their country. He just turned 21 a few days back and he is already a successful blogger. He has more than million views in his blog, He has around 13000 likes in his facebook account and 3545 followers in twitter,Wow now isnt that cool?? Dont forget to check out his blog HERE. I got hold of this very inspiring young man so that you get to know more about him.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I was in my class when suddenly my phone rang loudly, I put it on silence nervously and after 5 mins or so it started vibrating again i checked, it was from the same number I ignored and it vibrated again, this time I asked my teacher if i can go out. he gave me permission and I went out to pick up the call they said "Is this Khusbu Gauchan??" YES i answered.. u have a parcel pls come to pick it up. I had a mixed feeling, I
 was  excited and curious at the same time coz i didnt know who sent the parcel. After my college got over i went directly to the address the person on the phone gave me and MY MY the place was the most disgusting place i've ever been in my life.. As soon as i got inside the premises it smelled SHIT. It smelled like  disgusting public toilet which made me think whether people there pees in their sit.. And been to a  government office for the first time in my life, i was irritated and pissed when they asked me to go from one room to another and it took me almost an hour to get my parcel in my hand and i even wanted to leave the place without taking my parcel, i8 was tht pissed but wen i got it and i saw it i thanked myself for enduring that disgusting place and people..

Sunday, May 5, 2013


"SUBEXYA BHADEL" is one of the best designers of our country. She is well known for her line named "subexya" which caters beautiful gowns and dresses to celebrity and high fashion lovers. She is cute, she is pretty and she is alwz there to help the needy ones. From what i read in other interviews of her, whenever she used to go to buy fabric in Indrachwok, those street children clinging on her to ask for some money alwz melted her heart.As a result she inititated Smile Nepal a NGO tht helps the street children.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Shopping is always fun especially if u can stay at home and order tons of things without having to go out in scorching heat and tiring yourselves.. Yes, online shopping is very popular all over the world as we can find everything under a roof and you have so many things to choose from..There are so many online shopping and among them once is clothingloves. And you can find so many beautiful things here from women's fashionMen's fashion, Wedding Apparel, Occasion Dresses and of course Jewelry. And u can find all of them in wholesale price. Isn't tht great?? Beautiful stuffs and reasonable price what else do u want?? So, when are u going to buy them?? Hurry up before somebody else takes them all. Here are some of my fav items from their store. I am sure u all like like it.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello readers,
              You must be wondering about that weird topic right? Well in this OOTD i will be showing you two version of the same outfit. In one i am wearing thigh length socks and  taken them out in some, I was so confused on which one looks better so,i combined both the pic and and uploaded it in my facebook asking my friends which version they like better so i captioned it with or without and while i am about to post it here i was blank on the topic part so i simply wrote with or without.. check it out and let me know wht u think is better after all u guys are the fashion diva.

Friday, April 26, 2013


LIFE IS A RUNWAY WALK IT, as they say, JESSICA BUURMAN needs no introduction. I am sure most of you have already known or heard the name who are famous for their shoes. For those few of you, who do not know about them, let me tell you, it is a online shopping site where you can find various things like SHOES, CLOTHES, BAGS, ACCESSORIES and MAN APPAREL.. Check out their website HERE. I am pretty sure u all will like it i am a sucker for their shoes. When i first laid my eyes on their product i was like omg omg, i want it all.And they do have sale in some of their product, dont forget to check it out and dont loose the opportunity. Here are some of my favourite items of theirs.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


  I am back. In this post i will show you my ootd tht i wore for my college. Check it out

Monday, April 22, 2013


Those who read my blog regularly must know by now about my online shopping addiction. And as always i was going through various sites and wht's when I stumbled upon this online shopping site SHEINSIDE and my my were their collections amazing. It's seriously very hard to choose only few out of their products which is all very very amazing. It will surely spoil our choices. And the best part is their clothes have awesome quality yet the pricing is very reasonable. They have everything from beautiful DRESSES to TOPS, BOTTOMSJEWELLERY to ACCESSORIES. I am surely buying a lots of thing from here.. U too should do as they have sale in many of their products..Here are some of my fav collection.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013


"MALVIKA SUBBA" She needs no introduction and her name is enough for my Local readers but for my international readers,let me tell she is a popular miss nepal,media personality,actor,entrepreneur and social activist. She is one of the most beautiful women of my country. She was  crowned MISS NEPAL 2002 and ever since she's been involved in media and various social works..She is the perfect example of beauty with brain and even more beautiful heart. She has worked in various music videos and in some movies..

Thursday, April 11, 2013


      I am back again with a new post where i'll share about how i celebrated  my birthday. Well i had planned on going on a fine restaurant with bunch of friends and giving them treat.But again i gave it gave it a second thought,why do the same thing again and again right?? More over sitting in a restaurant and stuffing ourselves and drinking wouldnt do anygood and it would make me faaatttt...  So,i thought over and over and came up with a decision,wht is better thn a good day in spa with the girls ryt?/ SO,i called up my girls and we went to HYATT REGENCY and treated them there with brunch and swimming and spa. I didn't know a day in hyatt would be so much fun coz wen i was a member there last year i would hardly go because i was too lazy..

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hey guys,

So in this post I am going to talk about online shopping…Well how many of you have done online shopping or how many of you are a regular online shoppers??? If u ask me,I must say online shopping is my favourite time pass.. it’s the thing tht I do wen I’m bored aside from blogging and using facebook ofcourse. So,as I was going through various online shopping site and I found out this cool site which I am going to share it with you guys.

There is this online shopping site and trust me they have very amazing collection..They have everything from men’s clothing,women’s clothing,jewelleries etc. You can find everything there for formal wear,partywear,cocktail dresses,wedding dresses etc.And my personal favourites are cheap formal dressesunique prom dresses and not to forget their cocktail dresses under $100 .. They're all to drool over.. Dont forget to check their website HERE. Here are some of the pics of their stuffs tht i loved the most.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hey guys
          So it's my birthday today yeah!!!! But unfortunately it's a strike today in my country which means everything will be closed and no vehicles are allowed to run in the road. sad right?? NO.. i celebrated my pre birthday bash yesterday yeah. Like common, u politician cannot ruin my big two-one..I am turning 21 and i cant waste my bigday doing nth sitting in my room and swearing on those politician.. so,i called up my besties and yes had a blast a day before. so this is wht i wore,let me know wht u think.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Hey readers,
          So, few  days back we had an small get-together among us, few group of friends. And I had the best of times with them, it was so fun to be together after so long..
       I wore  this simple black dress with with stud details in the shoulder part and color blocking shoe… I had this shoe in my closet  for more thn a year I guess.. I always wanted to wear this but never had a chance I mean it’s turn never came lol..

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey there everyone,
             I am back with a new post..This post is not about my outfit post, few days ago,we had a fashion show called "TRENDSETTER" and today i am blogging about it... Well, it has a gr8 show overall,i liked the stage,loved how they made the stage so beautiful,the performances was gr8 little did i know ppl in my country could perform so gr8. we observed first ever arial act in any show done on our country, but what i heard of was the actress who was performing the arial act almost blacked out because she has hanging some 100ft in the air for more than 10 god, hats off to her..Everything there was done properly,the stage,performances,hosts,the choreography but one thing that did disappoint me a bit was the designs.. i mean i was expecting so high from some designers,but was  shocked wen i saw their design..
The worst of all was i couldn't take pics of the show,the battery of my camera died with only 2 pics taken from my camera,god i charged the battery for almost 1 hr without switching on the button,can i get any more foolish?? That irritating moment wen u're dolled up and u cant take pic of you arrrghh...i took some pics from my mobile,but it's not that good,so i took pics from the photographer's page, anyway here are some pictures of the show and some designs that i liked.. let me know what u think.

Friday, March 22, 2013


So, here i am with very old pic of mine (the hairstyle explains it ) tht was in my computer for about more thn 5 months i guess.. I look kinda weird here prolly because of my old hair.. well this was wen i along with a very good fren of mine went to  shopping tht was dasain shopping and some of u must be thinking u were this for shopping?? NO i actually like being very comfortable with flats and comfy clothes wen i am shopping very heavy but this was wen i knew where i'd buy my clothes and we were going only there and no where else  tht explains ryt?? Even if i wear this for my regular shopping time it wouldn't matter ryt???coz life is too short to wear ugly shoes and ugly dress aint it?? ahhaha.. And after the shopping session,we went to eat and tht's where i clicked all this pic.check it out

Sunday, March 17, 2013


YES, my exam is still on.. So far So good,thnx to my ability to write a paragraph or even a page by knowing only 1 sentence..Tomorrow is my last exam which is fashion illustration,the subject where i cant show my special ability or i must say skill.. :P,because the subject is all about illustrating.. so,i have to practise very hard as i am very very bad at drawing,so this post will be a short one..
   I had gone to my sister's school for her cultural day programme and i didnt want to be exposing much skin because it's a school.. So,i had pretty hard time deciding what to wear..Something tht should be decent,simple yet stylish and i was trying my various simple,knee length dresses when my fren who was with me said why dont u wear pant? Oh yea PANT do EXIST..why do i alwz forget the pants.. so i wore this pant teamed it with a green stripe shirt with hint of a golden color in the sleeve and neckpart and wore a nude heel and carried a bag with same color to match it... let me know wht u think.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


     Well,i just finished organizing my closet..PHEW, i am sick tired and panting indeed.. If u come to my room,all u see is clothes in every,my mom bought me a new closet,which can be kept outside my room,where i had planned to make a walk-in closet soon,so tht there is a room in my overflowing current closet..It took me and my maid 5 days(no exaggeration) to organize the 2 closet,the old one and the new one,and finally its done and i did find so many beautiful cloths tht i had completely forgotten about and i can't wait to wear them.And the most shocking part was when i found out tons of jeans,i mean i dont wear jeans much,u can hardly see me in jeans and i found more thn 35 pairs of jeans,where did they come from??? IDK LOL..
              And oh yes, my exams are starting tomorrow and as lethargic as i already am,i haven't studied yet.. i dont know wht im gon write in my answer sheet tomorrow and to add more salts to my wound i heard the invigilators of my exam halls are damn strict.. #GOD BLESS ME..
           As i said in the title of last post as last winter outfit for 2013,i am here with my spring outfit..check it out..

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hey readers!!
Last time I said I have some problem with my computer and im using my macbook pro which is a headache since I don’t understand some of its function tht was a confession of a technie dumbo but want to hear an embarassing story?? Well I called up the technician and asked him wht problem is it. He checked everything and u know wht the prob was??? I switched off my CPU button at the back tht’s why it wasn’t running.. god how can I be so dumb?? Like seriously?? Anyway im blogging from my computer bigger screen it’s gr8..
So, back to my outfit  as my title itself says last winter outfit for 2013.. I am hoping it’s true,its getting kinda sunny these days though today it rained quite heavily with all those thunderstorms and scary shit.. I am hoping tomorrow is sunny.. this  picture was taken quite a long ago,I had completely forgotten about it.. I bought this outfit because of it’s color and teamed it with a thin stocking and knee high boots.. check it out.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Yeah!!! I’m back quicker than I thought I would be. Remember last time I told I am having my exam real soon and I dont know wen I’ll be posting next?? But guess what?? My exam got postponed yeah!! So time for another blogpost.. I’m sure some of u have noticed tht my last 3-5 post picture quality are little low thn my other older post well tht’s because I haven’t been using my dslr lately and have been taking pics from my phone tht’s not quite the problem yet, the main problem is I alwz use my computer for everything but since I am having some problem with it I am using my macbook pro and god I just don’t understand the function of this..i mean I try to download some good photo editor and I couldn’t find any thing tht helped me.. I did some research and I found out tht we could edit frm iphoto and I’ve been so dumb coz I had this app confession of a technie dumbo...

So, have u ever had those irritating moments when u stuff u're closet for certain season and before u get to wear all of them,the season actually goes?? well i have those kind of problems every season so i have promised myself not to buy too many cloths at just wen i thought sun is shining brighter and i cant wear my winter stuffs tht are yet to be worn,weather changed drastically.. There were 3 days in a row wen the weather acted peculiar it was dark and gloomy and it drizzled the whole became a perfect day to sip more coffee and cuddle inside u're blanket and watch movies but i got a phone call from a fren from highschool saying she is craving for japanese food and honestly i had been craving for some sushi as well. I took advantage of the weather,took out my long boots,woolen maroon-burgundy sweater,thick leggings and i am ready..

Saturday, February 23, 2013



So how are my readers doing??? I hope very well.. hope this week treated you with its best form. If u ask me, well mine was same boring,staying home all day kind of week.. By the way I had a haircut and I am soon coloring my hair.I will post the pic of it soon maybe in my next post but since my exam is knocking on the door I don’t know when my next post will be up..

Monday, February 18, 2013

     Sorry for been MIA again.. But idk what makes me so busy.. i am in tht phase where u have no work yet u have no free time.everyone must hve gone through tht ryt?? or is it just me?? so this is a small and quick post since i have to run away here it is..

Sunday, February 3, 2013


         How have u been?? Greeting unknown ppl is kinda awkward u know like I write hello, how r u and stuffs without knowing who is reading it or is anyone even reading?? But the love I get frm my readers and knowing ppl read my blog gives me immense happiness.. Whenever i get a msg in my fb or any other pages of mine saying I read your blog and I love it or I have been u're regular reader, GOD I wish I could show u my face then, my face lips literally goes from east to the west (excuse the useless exaggeration though).. I get so many sweet messages frm my readers especially in my facebook so I thought i'd like to talk to dedicate this post to my lovely readers.. Thnk you so much for the love and ofcourse for all the lovely messages to write.. Hadn't it been the love frm u guys I wouldn’t still be blogging  I guess.. So thnx and I love u guys..

Monday, January 28, 2013


A very BIG and a LOUD HELLOWWWW to all the poeple reading my blog currently.. so im back with another post and this post is not any outfit post..i am blogging about my very dearest fren's wedding..well i'd alwz imagined how would it be to be on fren's wedding ever since i was in my early teens and my god the excitement is something tht's very hard to share.. Ever since the first time the fren calls up and tell u the good news,the stomach flutters with excitement and then comes the dilemma on wht to wear and the irritation on the fact tht u're growing fatter and fatter each day and determination on loosing the weight till tht date and anger on not being able to do tht and finally convincing yourself and eating less tht day so tht u're stomach wont look bulgy in tht attire..GOD THE GIRLS PROBLEM.. if any guy is reading this u might find it silly and useless but  the girls understands it properly ryt??

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


      Time passes so fast..I'm having my short preparation holidays and it's about to go so quickly and i haven't prepared anything..After this holiday,i'll be having my board exam of bachelor 1st year and to be true im not at all prepared for it..And the guilty pleasure part is instead of utilising the given time for preparing i've been roaming around like crazy and making the most use of holiday tht we get very rarely.. I've been very busy this week friend's marriage and stuff i'll update about tht too maybe in my next post and there's yet another wedding party which i have to attend the day after tomorrow and i have my submission the day after tht ..god im so screwed..i dont know wht am i going to submit tht day i have nothing..ARGHHH fashion designing and it's never ending work with deadline..OKAY!! let's not bombard u with the boring story of my off to my outfit.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


      I'm late yet again... i promised myself i'll blog on time but sometimes it just  happens ryt?? Esp wen u're having all good times in u're life,good times tht makes rest of the thing less important.u know wht i mean ryt??  And since my exam's got over i am having times of my life like literally im hardly home and since im very busy tomorrow and the folllowing days as well,i thought of doing a super fast blog post.. so here i am. i am sharing the pics of the food festival tht happened a long back in our town, and i wore this very beautiful mustard coat tht i brought last winter maybe i really dont know but tht coat has been with me for so long..And i got this very comfortable velvet streachable pants and this has to be my favourite pant for now though tht was the only time i wore tht but im sure,i'll be wearing it again and again..

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


    Sorry for been gone long.. i was MIA this last 2 days and i didnt have time to use the net.. i am having my pre board examination but i just attended one exam and i missed all the rest of it i was tht busy..anyway let's not get there.. i am here with another outfit post.. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy new year guys, with the rising of the sun,may rise u're destiny at the peak,may peace rule your heart and may prosperity rule u're life in this year all my best wishes to my readers.. so wht are u're resolution this year?? about me i was thinking about making a new year resolution, but why tamper with perfection?? lol jokes apart i have a lots of resolution and the some which tops the lists are

1-To give away as much as i can to the needy and less fortunate ones

 I am from a country where poverty rate is very high and there are ppl who lives in the street begging for money.. they do not have parents or family and the ppl dont give them money coz those children smokes and inhale dendryte or smth they call which they initially started because they had nth to eat and inhaling tht substance keeps their stomach full(tht's wht they say) which now has become an addiction..tht is one reason why i sometime hesitate to give them money and shoo them away but no tht is wrong i promise to never shoo them away instead of giving them money directly i will buy them food and ppl of my country reading this  pls do this coz a packet of biscuit wont hurt u're pocket and will fill their empty stomach and i promise to donate a lot as much as i can.