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Sayal Shrestha, stylist, editor, writer, marketing manager surely has done a lot at such a young age.  He has worked for various fashion magazine and films and his works are tremendous, he is the man  behind most celebrities being even more gorgeous as he styles them perfectly. His styling is so perfect and beautiful that people will know that it is his work . Our country needs more people like him .Other than, his usual works, he is seen doing many social works and his favourite time pass is reading books. He is a total bookworm. To know more about this cute looking man, keep reading.

*Tell me a little about yourself. What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
I am the sort who likes to lie on grass, dip my feet in mountain streams, eat straight from the branch, write and browse at Dior. I believe in being correct and calling a spade a spade. I can't stand hypocrites. And there's nothing that I enjoy more than reading and writing. I love collecting books and re-read them as much as I can. I have been reading Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier since I was 10. Sadly, I lost the book two months back. It's depressing. Professionally, I believe I am still getting there. Giving my best, expecting the best. But sometimes, I feel there's only so much that you can do in a country like ours.
*What are you currently involved in?

I am currently working for Wave magazine. I occasionally write for Talks are on for me to be the official stylist for this up and coming international clothing brand which I can't name as of now. I am on board as the costume stylist for this horror/thriller Nepali movie, 'Aawaran” starring Priyanka Karki. As a stylist, I frequently get offers to style fashion shows, ad campaigns, music videos and movies. Most of them I reject because there's no financial benefits in them. Also, I write for people. Edit their articles. I get paid and that's how I roll. Hahaha.
*The book that completely changed your idea of the world?
When I was six or seven, I read Alice's Adventures In Wonderland with those wonderful, surreal drawings by John Tenniel. It absolutely convinced me of the existence of a dream world in which everyday rules don't apply. I knew I was reading fiction and that the story in the book was made up, but at the same time I knew that, in a much more fundamental sense, it pointed to something absolutely genuine, some hidden and magical way of experiencing the world.
*What does fashion mean to you?
I have always loved wearing natural fabrics, wools and strong colors. Fashion is all about design for me. My Mom has an amazing taste in her Kurta Salwars and I loved the way they felt and looked. For me, a garment that makes you ask how it was made and the story behind it is fashion. Individuality is an important key to my fashion sense, and above all, craftsmanship and creative freedom is so important to what you wear.
*How would you define your style as?
Minimal, clean, textured, and effortless!
*What can we find in your bag?
I always carry one book with me. Right now I have Bared To You by Sylvia Day in my bag. My mobile charger, earphones, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, candies, diary, pen. Lush Handy Gurugu Hand Cream, it's magical. I am a lip balm addict so I have three lip balms in my bag with me. And a day perfume that I love, Tom Ford's Neroll Portofino. Also, Axe, the deodorant. 
*Most/Least expensive fashionable items you own?
Most expensive has to be this orange H&M suit which I bought two years ago. It doesn't fit me anymore as I have put on so much weight. I also have many coats and blazers from Subexya Bhadel. And least expensive, I have this cute Gautam Buddha printed T-shirt from this Indian store called Play Clan. It cost me IC 300.
*What do we find most in your wardrobe?
Well-tailored coats, trousers with stripes and checks on them and plenty shirts. I seldom wear T-shirts. What I want to have in my wardrobe is brightly hued suits. Is it too over the top? 
*Proudest moment?
-When people get what I do. When they understand my aesthetics. And if you're asking me about that one particular moment, then I have none and plenty at the same time. Cliche, but long way to go.
*Do you read blogs?
-Very much. I love going through different blogs and getting to know the bloggers' aesthetics. Some irritate me to the core while some are really informative and give that vibe of being extremely sweet in real life.
*How do you spend a day?
- I am a home person.When I have nothing to do, I love being at home and reading. Researching about different things on the internet. I am a Vimeo addict so I keep on browsing at different animated short films. Also, I experiment inside the kitchen. I contemplate a lot, about life and different matters. You know those deep thoughts. And I jot them down in paper or on Facebook. (winks)
*What are your future plans?
I used to go with the flow but I have realized now that you have to have set plans and visions. I am going to take a course on Creative Writing. I eventually want to go out of Nepal to broaden my knowledge. Have a dream of owning a high fashion and lifestyle magazine and come up with a clothing line. I have such big dreams that if I tell you, you will laugh at them. Haha, but I can't help it. Yes, I would like to challenge myself and everyone else and try my best to fulfill those 'big' dreams I have.
*Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Perhaps an over-worked and successful editor of Vogue. Haha. But seriously!

- H&M, Lush, Play Clan, Tom Ford, Ray Bans, Kiehl's.
*International Personalities
-Sonam Kapoor, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Tilda Swinton, Taylor Swift, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Emma Roberts, James Franco, Imran Khan, Rahul Khanna, Bradley Cooper.
*Nepalese Personalities
- Priyanka Karki, Nilu Doma Sherpa, Malvika Subba, Raymon Das Shrestha, Bhushan Dahal.
*International Fashion Designers
- Azzedine Alaia, Alice Temperley, Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada. Sarah Burton.
*Nepalese Fashion Designers
- Subexya Bhadel, Astik Sherchan, Bishwo Gautam, Tenzin Tseten Bhutia.
*International Fashion Icons
- Sonam Kapoor, Alexa Chung, Tory Burch, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, Elvis Presley, Jack White, Prince Albert.
*Nepalese Fashion Icons
- Aayusha Karki, Malvika Subba, Priyanka Karki
*International Bloggers
- Bryan Boy, Just Jared, Olivia Bee.
*Nepalese Bloggers
- Khusbu Gauchan Lama, A Silent Wanderer.
*International Models
- Francisco Lachowski, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima.
*Nepalese Models
-Aastha Pokharel, Paramita Rl Rana, Mahima Manandhar.
*Item you own:
-I have two colognes from Guerlain – Habit Rouge & Heritage.
*Make-up Brands:
- I use The Body Shop's Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer SPF 30, Burt's Bees pomegranate Lip Balm, Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Wash, Oriflame Face Scrub, Oriflame White Clarifying Toner, Oriflame Foaming Cleanser, and Lotus Skin Renewal Moisturizer. And shampoo by Herbal Essences.
-Vogue, Marie Claire, Grazia, Wave, Filmfare, W.
*Favorite Books:
-The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder.
*TV Shows:
- Modern Family, Happy Endings. The Middle, Gossip Girl.
-Yellow, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Black & White.

*Black/White or Colorful?
- When worn right, all of them.
*Classic or Latest Trend?
-Classic inspires the latest, hence classic.
*Model or Actor?
- Actor, because an actor also gets to model.
*Work or Play?
-Fun people to work with. Your work is automatically playful and fun.
*Money, Love or Power?
- Love, Money & Power, in that order.
*Trousers or Shirts?
-Trousers, hands down.
*Evening Gowns for girls or Cocktail Dresses?
- I like gowns. They are oh-so-sexy.

*Any fashion tips you want to give to my readers?
- Be faithful to your style. Don't just copy and overdo it. A public figure looks good because they have an entourage preparing them to look so. Don't try too hard to be like them, create your own individuality. Surround yourself with intelligent and positive people, because it is hot!
*Last words:
- “You will be judged all the time. You will be unpopular, inconvenient. Either you can crawl into the woodwork or go there and stick your neck out.” And thank you so much Khusbu for this lovely interview, wish to see you grow and be even more successful. Stay humble!


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