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Avery beautiful face with the perfect height and body including a warm heart and very intelligent as well, if one has all these qualities, you can call them PERFECTO and my blog guest today is the perfect example of perfectness. Shristi Shrestha is Miss Nepal 2012 and also the first miss nepal to reach the  quarter finals in miss world, top 8 in beach beauty, top 10 in multimedia awards and al best dancer in miss world. She started her modelling career in London and there has been no turning back for this beauty. She has done many social works as well. Having done all her works as Miss Nepal 2012, she now crowned the latest Miss Nepal and is travelling right now. However she took out sometime to answer these questions. More of her in her own words.

*Tell me a little about yourself. What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
Modeling and humanitarian works professionally and as for non professional interests; I love to travel, taste different lives and cultures, read, dance like no ones watching, outdoor activities, sing a little and cook a lot.

*What are you currently involved in?
Editorial shoots and at the same time preparing for my big travel across the continent :)

*What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is simple, its your inner state portrayed through clothes.

*How would you define your style as?
Never the same, I might be feeling Bohemian one day and gothic the next! But either way, I keep it minimal: make up and accessories wise.

*What can we find in u're bag?
Phone, iPad, make up bag, Perfume, eye drops, cards, cereal bars.

*What can we find in u're make up bag?
Mascara Maxfactor, compact powder Mac, Perfume Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Eye liner and lipstick Estee Lauder, face wipes by Simple.

*Most/Least expensive fashionable item u own?
Least expensive: Crochet dress from a vintage shop in Notting Hill
Most Expensive: Gowns by Sherri Hill

*What do we find the most in your wardrobe?
Dresses and tops!

*On a normal day,do you put on make-up or keep it natural?
I go for the minimal make up look: tinted moisturizer, mascara and bit of nude lipstick

Brands: Topshop, Mango, ASOS, Zara and Vero Moda.
Int'l personality: Angelina Jolie, Hiss Holiness Dalai Lama, Leonardo Di'caprio, Amanpour, Priyanka Chopra
Nepalese Personality: My Miss Nepal sisterhood 
Nepali Designers: Astik Sherchan, Bishwo Gautam
TV Shows: Friends, Family guy, Ellen degeneres show, Come dine with me
Colors: Yellow, Coral, White, Beige
Magazines: Glamour, Look, Vogue, Time
Nepali Blogger: Lex limbu and now you 
Make up Brands: MAC, L'oreal, Benefit, Estee Lauder
Internationa Models: Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Ana Beatriz Barros, Lara Stone
Nepali Models: Aastha Pokharel and Anjali Lama

Black/white OR Colourful?- Colourful
Classic OR Latest Trend? - Classic: all latest trends turn into classic one day, So Classic is actually always the Latest! 
Pant OR Skirt? - Skinny Jeans
Heel OR Flat? - Heels on my feet and flats in my bag, vice-versa
Model OR Actor? - Both  
Work OR Play? - Work Hard Play Harder
Money OR Love OR Power? - Already blessed with a whole lotta of Love which is my Power to get that Money 
Evening Gown OR Cocktail Dress? - Evening gown

Any fashion tips u want to give to my readers??
You are a free spirit, dress as you feel, try different styles if you want, make Fashion: FUN!! But my darlings...Never ever leave home without THE most important accessories: Confidence and Smile 
Any last words??
Thank you for your interest Khusbu  and Lots of love to all the readers 


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