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In this post of sunday blog guest i chose Bishwo Gautam, a fashion designer of Nepal who has taken the nepalese fashion by storm. He has been in this line since 2006 but stayed under the limelight and in 2011, he launched his won label "Bishwo Gautam" which was the first solo fashion show in nepal and since then he is known to public and has been the most prominent fashion designer. He is also the official designer for Miss USA Nepal. His cocktail dresses and gowns are to die for.

*Tell me a little about yourself. What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
Born in Shillong, India from the business-inclined family. Hmmm... talking about me . I am little bit shy person. I can’t stay without doing anything. Unless and until i find anything perfect i don’t feel satisfied. I love to travel, watch movies and eat new dishes. I am short-tempered person but i easily can mix up with people and talks. Always would love to grab the new technology’s goods.
*What are you currently involved in?
– Currently I am going to launch my new collection “Energizing Spring” in New York in the ANA Fashion Extravaganza, then I will exhibit my new line collection in California Gift Show from there I will take new orders and I am official designer for Miss Nepal US which will held in August. I am working out for Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha and Miss Earth Rozessa Shahi.

*Do you read blogs?

Yes I do. Blogging regularly provides brand new content for our social media pages. Why would I get away from the crucial facts?

*What does fashion mean to you?
- awwhmm fashion for me isss not just about the clothing it’s a life style :- what we wear, what we eat, with whom we are going along , in which environment are we belonging to etc. these all are included in trends to follow. Trends follows fashion and glamorous at the end fashion is a life style.
*How would you define your style as?
-      First a fall I make my mind by about the places where I will be going to attain  then depends on events, business meeting, casual walk, evening parties, home parties I dress up accordingly.
*What can we find in u're bag?
- hehe… I don’t carry any bag. I just carry purse with credit cards , little amount of cash and visiting cards.

*Most expensive fashionable item u own?
-      Most expensive Tissot Watch .

*What do we find the most in your wardrobe?
- T-shirts and Half pants.

*How do you spend a day?
-      Actually since 2008 I hardly could manage a min as my free time. Whole day I get busy in my work and I have to look after the production running daily, needs to supervise quality of products, guide my assistant designers and manage meeting time and engage in meeting various clients and Guests. By doing all these my days goes which I realize afterwards only. Hehe1

*What are your futures plans?
-      To work with international celebrities, representing Nepal in international market

*Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
-      A very successful and renowned designer of the world by satisfying each and every customer of mine with my great work.

Honestly speaking, I like to wear Georgia Armani, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Activa, Tissot but for clothing wherever I go many places but atlast  I get satisfied from Zara only.

*International personality
-      Barak Obama, Manish Arora , ,Mukesh Armani, Bill gates,Amitab Bachan,Jenifer Lawrence, Lady gaga

*Nepalese personality
-      Anuradha Koirala, Malvika Subba, Priyanka Karky, Nisha Adhikari , Shristi Shrestha

*International designer
- Manish Aurora, Valentino, Chanel,Georgio Armani, Christian Dior
*International model
- Laura o’grady, Rosie Tapner
*Fashion icon
- Sonam Kapoor,Saif ali Khan,

*Item you own
*International blogger
-      Gawker, TMZ
*Nepali blogger
-      you,Khusboo . I love your work.

*TV Show
-      Any which are happens in real : reality shows because from this we can analyze people’s behavior and qualities.

-      Instyle, Vogue, ECS living, Wow, Wave, Vivacity, TNM, Business times, Folio, Femina,Navyata,Vibes

-      I love and can play with every color depending on the trends .

- Elegant and classy Silhoutte

           Black/white OR Colourful? Depends on theme
Classic OR Latest Trend?  Latest Trend
Model OR Actor?  Both
 Work OR Play?  Work
Money OR Love OR Power? All of them.
Evening Gown OR Cocktail Dress? Evening Gown

Any fashion tips u want to give to my readers??  - Nowadays everyone is conscious about their fashion so hopefully they wont need more tips from me but a tips from me is that summer is a fun season for fashion. Make use of the array of choices available in magazines, online and in retail stores. Pick out a flowing pastel frock, a striped shirt or a bold graphic bag to add some fun to your wardrobe.

Any last words?? First of all thank you Khusboo for this awesome interview Lots of love to all my friends, family, media, celebrities and my all my near and dears.


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