Thursday, May 16, 2013


Last friday i went to the graduation fashion show of my seniors which was organized by OMG Theme event and as irresponsible as i am when i was about to leave my home, took my camera to click my outfit of the night and i realize i haven't charged it, the battery was dead. So here are some of my fav pics tht i took from various sites. Enjoy

This was the stage. Isn't it so beautiful. OMG never fails to impress.

 My personal favourite collection of the night.

And you thought i would leave this post without my ootn?? U're so wrong if you thought tht because i clicked my ootn with my phone so here it is. :)

Make up for the night.. 
I have only these 3 that are worth keeping. everything else was shit because i was getting late and i had to run off. So let me know how is it in the comment below.. Will be back soon.. Take care Bye...

P.S dont forget to hype this look  HERE


  1. Wow those outfits were amazing!! I really like your dress ^^

  2. Que maravilla de diseños! besos

  3. awesome runway looks

    You look great

  4. I love what u r wearing..u look much better than any of the ramp models.

    New Post Up

  5. You looked stunning xx
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'd love to follow each other!
    Following you now via GFC :)

  6. Such a beautiful collection, hard to decide! . Sure we can followe each other I am following you now on GFC (1168th follower) and on bloglovin. Don't forget to follow me back on both:)

  7. wow, what an amazing show! thanks for visiting my blog dear :) i'd love to follow each other like you said...i'll start first! xo jess


  8. cool!

    What about following each other? Just let me know!