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Tenzin Tseten Bhutia, a very famous fashion designer of Nepal graduated from National Institute of Fahion Technology,Bangalore. He has worked with designer Mano Viraj Khosla who is also a official designer of Kingfisher, India. He was also the finalist of the show Lets Design that was broadcasted by Zoom.
    I cant say he is one of the best designer of the country because he is not one of the best but "THE BEST" designer of the country according to me (no offence to other designer). I can prove my point too, His collection always stands out, His collection looks like a proper collection, His stitching is very neat and proper and the most important of all, which i have noticed is, he is one of very few designer of our country who actually goes according to fashion forecast. So i consider him to be the best designer of our country .Get to know more of him in his words..

*Tell me a little about yourself. What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - well i am a fashion designer cum stylist..i have been based in kathmandu for almost 8 years now..finished my designing from NIFT, Bangalore.been a part of a reality show called let's design season 2 on zoom tv.numerous fashion shows,styling for magazine covers, different brand ads and music videos.. stepped into kollywood as a stylist for a nepali movie visa girl... all this
have been a part of my life..when u get into career which ur passionate about then there is no difference btw professional and non professional interest.all in all my hobbies are going through different fashion magazine from all over the world,sketching,roam around different places for inspiration, watching loads and loads of movies etc.
*What are you currently involved in?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - when i am not doing shows then i try to get in touch with my client and take their orders..if not then i turn my thoughts into design and experiment a lot before coming up with an actual collection.. upcoming projects would be many fashion shows and shoots which u will get to see once its on the floor other than that i cannot reveal anything at the moment 
*Do you read blogs?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - yes i do which interests me...esp. the one which is about me 
*What does fashion mean to you?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - fashion is what we are offered four times a year and what we pick out of those would be for me, fashion is all about the individual style...
*How would you define your style as?
Tenzin Tseten Thutia - working wise, my style is all about amalgamation of culture,emotions,love,nature etc. as an individual, it's all about the newness that i have been offered by my mind 
*What can we find in u're bag?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - hmmm.. my work diary, hp notebook,wallet,phone,measuring tape,perfume,ipod etc. totally depends on where i am going, sometimes i dont even carry one.. 
*Most/Least expensive fashionable item u own?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - most expensive fashionable item would be my hermes wrist band,which i love to the core and the least expensive one is this converse shoe which i got it for sale in new road 
*What do we find the most in your wardrobe?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - i collect loads of undergarments,and i probably think that i dont have to shop for the next five years.
*How do you spend a day?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - meetings, interviews, shoots have been a part of my day life and if not then i am working at my studio 
*What are your future plans?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - i dont make plans for my future..i mostly go with the flow and being spontaneous... i love the thrill and excitement that life have to offer me...
*Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - how about having my label all over the world 

i love them all...
for bags - Louis Vuitton, Prada etc.
for clothing - Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel etc.
for perfume - Calvin klien, Issey miyake, Davidoff etc.
for creativity - Christian dior, Alexander mcqueen,
*International personality
Angelina Jolie
*Nepalese personality
Sahana Bajracharya
*International designer
John Galliano, Alexander mcqueen, Marc jacob and Coco Chanel
*Nepali designer
everyone is doing good so far.. just give me a year and i will come to know who have the passion and consistency with their creative thoughts...
*Item you own
my Hermes wrist band
*International blogger
no one
*Nepali blogger
Lex Limbu if u consider him one... twin ladybug and obviously you....
*TV Show
currently m watching Packed to the rafters, Modern family, Masterchef etc.
Bazaar, Vogue
any silhouette thats body fitted... i dont like loose silhouette on me ...
*International Model
Chanel Iman
*Nepali Model
all the new breeds are doing well... they are very young and energetic..

Black/white OR Colourful?
loads of color
Classic OR Latest Trend?
classic coz latest trend have been there in those era...
Model OR Actor?
in Nepal i would say model
Work OR Play?
playful work
Money OR Love OR Power?
love and then money followed by power...
Evening Gown OR Cocktail Dress?
i dont wear one..

  • Any fashion tips u want to give to my readers??
    be you and yourself...have your stand on clothing and wear it with grace and confidence...
    Any last words??
    thank u Khusbu for the approach and i totally enjoyed all the questions...remember to keep it always stylish 


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