Friday, January 27, 2012


 I hope u all are fine..First of all i want to say i am so sorry for not being regular.The college thing has made me as busy as an ant..So,since tomorrow is saturday i wanted to do a quick post...but mind you tomorrow being saturday i still dont have off....we have a programme as tomorrrow is saraswoti puja,and i being CR of the class have to be there no excuse would be accepted from my side...
                   Anyway so today my family was very lazy to cook anything at home and wanted me to bring eateries from out so i went to KFC for some dinner and also it was my chance to buy some clothes for myself...ever since i joined college i dont even have to for shopping...and college started a month ago and i was seriously in need of retail therapy so i couldn't let this chance i went very casual as i was not in mood to get too glizty glam-ish...i wore this black pant brought by mom from cardigan bought in boudha,shoes bought long ago in sphinx,citycentre(my all time fav for shoes as they alwz manages to bring ryt shoes of my size for which other shop fails)and black leather enjoy

Saturday, January 14, 2012


    i know u guys are all good i need not ask it again and again...some of u must be enjoying your weekend whereas some of you must be sitting idle infront of your tv and lappy just like me.. and oh yeah!!my routine's changed now..i dont use net all day long...these days i wake up around half past 6 in the morning and get ready for my college...going back to college after more than a year is so much fun..meeting new people,having new environment,new interest,learning new things and so much more..i am totally loving it...i return home at half past 3 and run towards Hyatt to keep myself fit and healthy and return around 7 and eat, do my neverending homeworks and dose off around 9-10..this has been my everyday routine since i joined my college..however whenever we girls at the college plan to go out after college which happens usually the hyatt parts get edited and fun part replaces it....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 How are you all doing?? hope for me,these days my days are all hectic...I've recently joined college and trust me since then i dont have time to do anything...i'm burdened with homeworks and projects that are never ending...never in my life i thought Fashion designing would be so difficult and hectic....but i guess i need to bear wit it because tht's where im destined to be..and i'll overcome all difficulties tht'll come in the way....i've made new friends who are just so fun to be with... this is wht i wore to my college today..

Monday, January 2, 2012

giveaway winner

First of all im so sorry..i couldn't  update my blog..and secondly i couldnt announce the name of the winner in time....when other bloggers apologize for not updating their blog regularly i used to think its just a matter of some min why cant they give their time and i thought i'll be very regular in blog update...but it didnt happened as planned because i joined college recently and i've been heavily loaded with assignments tht updating my blog is not a question wen i dont even have time to be on my assignment were less comparing to other days so i quickly wanted to announce the winner of the giveaway...
                AND THE WINNER IS
                                         JANICE PAANG.
( will contact you very soon..check your email for more information)

Monday, December 12, 2011


                   Firstly im so sorry for not having a new post in many days.....i was in MIA for some week along with my friend....and i also found my long gone interest back in reading novels....i was a novel freak during my school days and i must have read almost all sidney sheldon novel that my school's huge library offered...though i wasn't school didnt allow the student to read novel until we're in class 9....and i couldnt just get rid of my  habit and i use to ask my senior to bring me those books with their library card and i use to read it all day hiding it inside my academic books....however this interest got lost when i reached cls 9 and when i was able  to read it without other's concern and i could read it without hiding it....strange init??? we feel like doing things tht is prohibited and once we are allowed we loose reading JEAN SASSON'S "DESERT ROYAL"....really heart touching real story of women in saudi arabia who are treating as nth but sex machine,men's slave and birth machine......and i feel so lucky to have been born in my country.....nth racial though.....

Saturday, December 3, 2011


             My blog got deactivated for no reason and trust me i almost had a mini attack(exaggerating).... Thnk god i got it in time...and writing hi readers after  your blog got deactivated and u got it back,is a complete new excitement....anyway lets not talk about it more....

so what do you do to kill your time??? in my case its the internet.....i have no work i am on net all day...i have become very lethargic day by the parents made me member in club oasis,Hyatt,where i can spent my day swimming, going to gym,spa,and stuff which is equally healthy too...its a 1 yr membership and its already 4/5 month i guess and i;ve been there only number  of times(that lazy)....however i get very excited when my frens say they'll come with me and 1 of my fren went there and manage to click only few ppl there as we didnt want to disturb other people who were there to relax...