Saturday, December 3, 2011


             My blog got deactivated for no reason and trust me i almost had a mini attack(exaggerating).... Thnk god i got it in time...and writing hi readers after  your blog got deactivated and u got it back,is a complete new excitement....anyway lets not talk about it more....

so what do you do to kill your time??? in my case its the internet.....i have no work i am on net all day...i have become very lethargic day by the parents made me member in club oasis,Hyatt,where i can spent my day swimming, going to gym,spa,and stuff which is equally healthy too...its a 1 yr membership and its already 4/5 month i guess and i;ve been there only number  of times(that lazy)....however i get very excited when my frens say they'll come with me and 1 of my fren went there and manage to click only few ppl there as we didnt want to disturb other people who were there to relax...

tht's the jacuzzi where i spent almost an hour staring at the wall(lol)

thats all for now....and ya if u havent particiapteds on my giveaway yet...please do there's still some more time...participate HERE.... till then take care always stay stylish and stay healthy....


  1. love ur topper=)
    and I was joining your giveaway that time! Blogger kept informing me that you blog is not accessible=) anyway--just completed joining the giveaway now=)
    Crossing my fingers=)

  2. thanks so much for your sweet comment! i really appreciate it! i'll always come back and visit!

  3. Those red shorts are GORGEOUS! I love how the heel curves in a little.

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  4. Hi!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and j'adore it! I will defiantly be coming back for more, those photos are gorgeous!!! I hope you can come and visit my blog!!!

    My blog:


  5. love your shoes!!
    kisses from prague
    have a wonderful weekend

  6. Adorei suas fotos e seu blog,

  7. fabulous looks!! and I need to go to some spa to relax or something!!

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  8. Madame. just found your blog. The pictures are great! You got a new follower. I would be thrilled if you would visit me and follow me back.

    Bisou from Vienna