Monday, February 3, 2014


     Last friday we had a graduation fashion show of seniors and lucky for me it was in hyatt regency which is a 2 minute walk from my home. Fashion shows can go upto past midnight so returning home would always be a headache for me  because i don't drive myself. So, this time the venue was very convenient for me not only because it is very near but also because i am very familiar to the place and i love being there. The funny part was when i was being ready to go there, my grandmother asked me where am i going? I replied hyatt and she told me "yeti rati exercise garna jana lako (you're going gym this late at night). HAHAHHAHAH she's so cute, we go hyatt to exercise and she thinks hyatt is only for exercise and food lol.
       I got this beautiful black dress from PERSUNMALL long back and i have always been postponing to wear this dress because i was waiting for the belt that i ordered from another online site which would go perfectly with the dress, i waited for christmas, newyear, birthday treat but the belt didn't come and last i thought i have to wear it for this event and i paired it with another belt which i think went fairly ok and guess wat? I got a call early next morning saying my parcel arrived ARGHHH.. So, here are the pictures of the long black dress i wore for the event.

I had been postponing to wear this dress for so long and when i finally wore it, i felt i wore it in the wrong time because every 3 of 5 girls(i believe)  there was wearing a dress with side slit and to make the matter worse every 1 of 5 girls(i believe) was wearing a black long sleeved side slit dress that looked like the one i wore, oh god so embarrassing lol. But i love this dress and it is very beautiful and elegant. I wanted my outfit to consist of only two colors black and golden which goes hand in hand very well so, everything else is golden here.

If u want to order this dress you can order it from HERE. It can be styled in various ways. I will post about the event and picture of it in my next post. Dont forget to hype this look on lookbook by clicking HERE.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


   So today i am not posting my regular outfit post, this time i wanted to post something different and i thought why not show my readers my journey in instagram. Here are some of the pic i chose from my instagram account which consists of everything that happens in my life ie food, fun, selfies and lot more. To see more of these and to follow me on instagram click HERE. Here are some of the random picture i chose, ENJOY. :)

That is it for now, will be back pretty soon. Till thn take care.


Thursday, January 23, 2014


   Colourful winter was what came in my mind for topic of this post but later on, i changed my mind to sweater weather because it obviously is the weather for sweaters right? I don't like to stick to only dull colours for winter but we tend to, this time around i wanted to play with bright colours for this winter so here it is a bright yellow coloured sweater. I paired it up with basic black pants and the nude/brown boots that i have overused in this season. This is quite old pic, i clicked it 1-2 months back, there is no way i can wear a sweater like this now, i mean the temperature has dropped down so low that wearing just a sweater now its next to impossible and if i would do that i would be freezing all day.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014


    I have my exams from day after tomorrow and i haven't touched my notes yet wait! i don't have any notes to touch. I don't even know which subjects i have to give exams for. I am so screwed this time. I dont know what i'll do in the examination hall. Let's not get into exam topics it is so boring. So, here are the pictures of the outfit i wore to a birthday treat of my cousin. We went to this place called tej bhawan where they had karaoke and we had a blast there. Sudip and his family are not fan of parties, they get bored in parties and hate being around many people so this place was good enough for those people present here. We had room for ourselves where we could eat, sing, dance and do whatever we want because no one is watching and we are all by ourselves. The place, ambience, food was ok but that great that we would remember it for a long time but i would surely visit the place again with my friends for karaoke because i love singing, dancing, having fun and being myself.

I wore this leggings from forever 21 and since it has too many colors on it already, i wanted rest of my outfit to be in black to give all attention to the beautiful piece. I wore this contrast sleeved maroon jacket to match the little maroon that the leggings have in it. Everything else is basic and simple. Below is the picture of me singing my heart out. And guess what? I won everyone there in points, i got 97 points yeah!!! Sudip and his eldest sister being an awesome singer, i never thought i'd win those two but i did, because i am awesome like that lol.

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Monday, January 13, 2014


Here are the pictures of the outfit that i wore in the farewell programme of my college. Not my farewell but the farewell of my seniors. Planning the right outfit to wear for college programmes are always a headache for me. I have to keep in mind that it not revealing enough and not to simple too and also stylish at the same time. Not, that people don't wear revealing outfits to college programme, they do and its totally upto them to dress up the way they want to but me coming from school like GEMS, I find it difficult to dress up for college programme being GEMS very strict about dress codes and everything aside. Our teachers would give us that very stern look even if we were skinny pants, so going to school in outdress in any occasions would be a headache and we had to choose the most simple outfit we had in the closet. And while going to college, whenever we had to wear outdress i would always wear simple pants, hoodies and converse and when i saw students in shorts, skirts and heels, I would be shocked and i adapted this very late.  And my bachelor level college ie my recent college is very loose about dress codes, we are allowed to wear anything, one thing that i love about my college lol.

I clicked my pictures in a hurry not to miss any performances in the function and I didn't know the chains of my  bag was open the whole time. I am very clumsy like that, I took my stuffs out to do a final touch up and i completely forgot to close the chain and when i saw my pictures later i saw that my bag was open in all pictures lol. Sorry for that.

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Monday, January 6, 2014


   How was your weekend?? Had fun? Partied hard? Well, i am not much of a party person oh wait! actually i am but my boy hates going to parties so we don't party much. So, for us weekend is mostly going for a long drive out of the city, staying there overnight and coming back the next day being fresh. So as i said in my last post we went to Kurintar with friends and had the best time.

This is the outfit i wore while coming back to ktm. I actually put the whole outfit around the leggings because the leggings is awesome isn't it?? I got this leggings from FRONT ROW SHOP. I was in love with it the first time i saw it and wanted it in my life. But once i got it, styling it was pretty difficult for me because nothing would do justice to this awesome one. This legging surely is a head turner because it is so unique and not something you'd get to see people wearing often. FRONT ROW SHOP has many more awesome stuffs in their site for every style and the quality is something that draws people to their site again and again. The site consists of many sophisticated type of pieces which will eventually become your favourite piece once you buy them. Go to their site to see for yourself and i am sure you will love what you see..  GO HERE

And yes, I titled this look ROBOTA because of the leggings ofcourse. Doesn't it look so robotic? Or is it just me?? Don't forget to hype this look HERE. And btw if we are not connected in lookbook let me know, i will fan you for sure. :)