Saturday, January 18, 2014


    I have my exams from day after tomorrow and i haven't touched my notes yet wait! i don't have any notes to touch. I don't even know which subjects i have to give exams for. I am so screwed this time. I dont know what i'll do in the examination hall. Let's not get into exam topics it is so boring. So, here are the pictures of the outfit i wore to a birthday treat of my cousin. We went to this place called tej bhawan where they had karaoke and we had a blast there. Sudip and his family are not fan of parties, they get bored in parties and hate being around many people so this place was good enough for those people present here. We had room for ourselves where we could eat, sing, dance and do whatever we want because no one is watching and we are all by ourselves. The place, ambience, food was ok but that great that we would remember it for a long time but i would surely visit the place again with my friends for karaoke because i love singing, dancing, having fun and being myself.

I wore this leggings from forever 21 and since it has too many colors on it already, i wanted rest of my outfit to be in black to give all attention to the beautiful piece. I wore this contrast sleeved maroon jacket to match the little maroon that the leggings have in it. Everything else is basic and simple. Below is the picture of me singing my heart out. And guess what? I won everyone there in points, i got 97 points yeah!!! Sudip and his eldest sister being an awesome singer, i never thought i'd win those two but i did, because i am awesome like that lol.

So, that is it. Will be back pretty soon. Dont forget to hype this look HERE. BYE. LOVE YOU ALL.



  1. Lovely outfit! The leggings are so cool :)


  2. Great outfit!!

  3. I have those same leggings, they are so fun!!! I really love how you dressed them up with the high heels and the vest :) Looking fine :) xo

  4. lol. I'm sure you'll do well on your exam. You seem like a smart cookie. And what a smart idea with those leggings! They catch attention.
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  5. This is fabulous! Loving the jacket and pants... hope you had fun in karaoke!
    kisses from Miami,

  6. Ugh oh, sounds like you need to get some serious cramming going on!

    I love your leggings =)

    Corinne x