Monday, January 13, 2014


Here are the pictures of the outfit that i wore in the farewell programme of my college. Not my farewell but the farewell of my seniors. Planning the right outfit to wear for college programmes are always a headache for me. I have to keep in mind that it not revealing enough and not to simple too and also stylish at the same time. Not, that people don't wear revealing outfits to college programme, they do and its totally upto them to dress up the way they want to but me coming from school like GEMS, I find it difficult to dress up for college programme being GEMS very strict about dress codes and everything aside. Our teachers would give us that very stern look even if we were skinny pants, so going to school in outdress in any occasions would be a headache and we had to choose the most simple outfit we had in the closet. And while going to college, whenever we had to wear outdress i would always wear simple pants, hoodies and converse and when i saw students in shorts, skirts and heels, I would be shocked and i adapted this very late.  And my bachelor level college ie my recent college is very loose about dress codes, we are allowed to wear anything, one thing that i love about my college lol.

I clicked my pictures in a hurry not to miss any performances in the function and I didn't know the chains of my  bag was open the whole time. I am very clumsy like that, I took my stuffs out to do a final touch up and i completely forgot to close the chain and when i saw my pictures later i saw that my bag was open in all pictures lol. Sorry for that.

That is it. Don't forget to hype this look on lookbook by clicking HERE. And also, let me know what you think about this look. Share some love. :)


  1. We have the same chunky necklace.. cool!

  2. Nice post if you want check my last outfit post
    Keep in touch

  3. Hunni!!! You look stunning. Miss those GMES days!! I still remember that silly rubber went through ur ear. Miss ya gal, I see you doing gud!! Kip it up..x

  4. Perfect skirt.

  5. I'm glad u chose something that you like!
    colorful and fun! :D

  6. gorgeous!
    loving all the colour

  7. nice outfit! love the sweater, the color is perfect

  8. What a pretty look! The bright red shade of your skirt really pops against the softer colours of your blouse and sweater.

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  10. Beautiful look! I love your skirt!

  11. You look fantastic in this outfit....beautiful pop of color...Your new fan on GFC. You are welcome to visit my blog too.Keep in touch.