Friday, April 6, 2012


                    This is the last post of the 1 week outfit provided by posh..It is a very beautiful gown that can be worn by anyone and trust me everyone is gonna look nice in this piece of dress...u can wear this kind of dress in parties or even in some special ocassions like your birthday so u can stand out among all the ppl present there....and it's let the picture do the talking.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Friday itself is the word tht need not be explained..The time for which people wait like crazy coz its PARTY TIME...There's a saying"WE MUST WORK HARD AND PARTY HARDER"...Tht is so true after working so hard in weekdays we plan to have fun on weekends and it starts with friday night..For friday,i've chose this beautiful black dress from POSH(still available)..enjoy..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


                    Hope all is well with you...This is the 5th out of my 7 outfits provided by POSH..For thursday i've chosen this very comfy kind of punkish(not so much) look which i totally loved...we all get tht feeling wen we want to experiment with out outfit ryt??And we're very lucky being a girl we get to do tht..we can be cute,gothic,chic,babyish,sexy,funky,comfy everything we can think of....So this is the outfit wen u,re in tht funky mood .I've worn plain white vest with leather studded vest jacket and studded leggings all available in POSH and black leather shoes my own from hongkong.. let me just show you the pic so you can enjoy..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


                 For wednesday,i've choose yet another very casual outfit which can be used on everyday basis...This is a beautiful black shirt with a rope structured belt tht can be used with a simple black leggings with a beautiful pair og heel for the chic look but i've termed it up with jeans shorts and my fav white converse(for now) for the casual look....i hope u like it ..

Monday, April 2, 2012


                     Having fun???yes i guess....this is yet another blog post tht is sponsered by POSH,which is in 1st floor,woodland complex,durbarmarg..This is one of the best store in Nepal where we can find stuffs tht are not available anywhere else they bring unique yet very beautiful clothes....
            So for tuesday i chose this very casual outfit tht can be worn anytime whether it's for shopping or movie...Those time when u dont want to be all glamed up(all of us has gone through tht phase ryt)....i teamed it up with converse and tied my hair into a bun for the extra casual feeling....wear it when u want nothing else than to have fun around the city...

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Monday is the day when we are all charged up and back to work..after wild friday,lethargic saturday and fun sunday then comes serious monday when everyone is back to school,work and anything tht's i chose this very formal look for this day...white ruffled shirt with pencil skirt and tying my hair into a pony for tht oomphh factor..