Thursday, April 24, 2014


Navyaata is a fashion magazine that needs no introduction to my local viewer as we all know that is the the best fashion magazine in the country. Navyaata organizes fashion show every once in a year and they make sure that each one is better,bigger and more fun than the previous one. I was invited this time by them to do a review on my blog and so here it is.
     When i first got invited, the first thing that came on my mind was what am i going to wear and thankfully i got the most beautiful, elegant red gown from PERSUNMALL which was perfect for the occasion and i have already posted the ootn, you can check it HERE. So, the show was supposed to start at 6 but when i reached there it was already 7:30-8:00. Scared and worried that the show must have already been about to finish, I was cursing myself for being a very bad blogger for not being able to do my job properly but when i reached there, i was surprised and happy at the same that the show hadn't even started. I then turned to my group and told them "See, this is nepal, it's already 2 hours late and they haven't even started" As soon as i said those words, i had a very peculiar feeling, like who am i to say such thing when i myself am late for the event, why do we people have the habit of promptly showing someone else's mistakes and can't see the same mistake been done by ourselves. I mean when spectators are late, how can the show start on time right? So, next time we blame the show for not being held on time, let us not forget to ask ourselves the same question.
     So, after waiting for some time the show finally started and it started with the very beautiful voice from the backstage which was of the very beautiful, talented Miss Malvika Subba, who is also the most celebrated figure of the country.

She really has some magic on her voice like seriously she can make people listen to her for hours without getting bored. Last time i heard her when she was the host was prolly on trendsetters 2, she was awesome and now she is like THE BEST.  No one can even come close to her at this game PERIOD. 
   The fashion show started and the best part of it was there were all new designers and few new models, Navyaata always gives chance to new faces and that is what sets them apart from everyone else. The models selected were good, the designs were fresh and choreography was lovely. 

To sum it up, it was a great show, one thing i didn't like about this programme was the seat arrangement, i was told i would be given the front seat but when i went there there were no seats and we had to sit at the floor area, which was not a good experience. And the best part of the show was kathmandu circus performances.

These guys were really something, they managed to awe the audiences and everyone were clapping and hooting for these people. 
      All in all, i was very privileged to be the part of this show and mostly because i was invited for being a blogger, and i guess this is the first time, something like that happened in my country. I hope to see lots of bloggers on our country and i hope our country realises the importance of bloggers in various ways. And i hope to Navyaata continues to do what they do the best, all the best for the future.