Thursday, April 10, 2014


 As i said in my last post, I will be back with the "FUN" part of the day as the previous post was only the OOTD part. Well, the place was amazing, the first ever infinity pool of our country. As they say, it is not the place but the people you are with that makes the real difference and in my case that day, we had both awesome place and awesome people. After i posted these pictures on my facebook and instagram, i got like tons of questions asking where the place was and the rate and so on and so forth. If only i could show all those inquiries to the owner(who i know) of the place to get a free swimming next time for unknowingly advertising the place LOL. And it was not only inquiries, there were people present there soon after that inquiries. 
   So, these are only few of the pictures out of tons that i clicked that day. ENJOY. :)

That is it guys, will be back pretty soon for another OOTD. Till then, TAKECARE.


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