Saturday, November 10, 2012


"I'LL COME UP WITH A NEW POST EVERY SUNDAY" tht's wht i promised myself because i've been very irregular in updating my blog.. so every once a week isnt too harsh for me and isnt too late too.. tht way i'll have a week  to write it down and stuffs and first thing i'll do in sunday is click the publish button tht's it i hope i am able to keep the promise.. So how have u been readers?? hope good .. As for me this week has been very harsh for me 1st my fb got hacked 2nd i lost my group page where i used to do online business 3rd i had to make a new page... Had a very hectic week.. The sad part is i know the ppl who hacked my acc and i cant do anything like nth coz we do not have such law do we??? but im planning something really serious for them to pay for so dear if u're reading it pls leave my group and give it back to me or else u'll pay for it and u'll pay BIG TIME.. So let's leave this here i would like to show u my second outfit for the programme and here it is enjoy..:)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


               Hope u all are doing great as for me i am sitting here idle staring at the screen,bored,watching some reality designing show in youtube,checking my fb again and again to see if there is something interesting but alas!there is nth as such so i thought why not write in my blog after all this is sort of my personal diary ryt?? A fashion diary actually but i do jot my down my feelings on various things here so i consider this as my diary too.. So why am i here inside my room bored much when everyone in my family is out having fun?? tht's my fault actually everyone went to watch "SKYFALL" and i choosed to stay back home.I am the one who jumps first wen we make plan for a movie coz i am a sucker for movie i watch it all whether it's a hit or a flop one but today i just felt like staying back home and dang a huge mistake it is..Argghhhh i should have gone nevermind i'll go some other day.. so instead of sitting here bored doing nth i thought of writing in my blog keeping it ready so whenever i feel like posting it i just have to click the publish button and it's done huge save of time ryt?? :p

Saturday, October 27, 2012


                I am back after a long long time.. had fun celebrating the most exotic and fun festival.... gained few lbs and played cards nonstop...anyway had gr8 time during the holiday and  the festival is done with but i still have long holiday so im making sure im going to be regular in blog posting.. i have been very very lazy lately but not now.. i am going to be a good blogger.. :P ..
                      So let's talk about my outfit..this is taken in my college where we were called to rehearse for the "dasain programme". i wore this floral pants because now finally the time has come to bid summer of 12 a goodbye and i did it by wearing this floral pant coz i wont be able to wear it in winter and wore this black net  shirt to go with and a coat coz we left early in the morning and it was a bit cold.. i didnt wanted to wear this shirt though i wanted to wear a bright shirt coz the pant and coat are lil dull color but since i said i am very lazy i coudnt find it and had to wear it but i wore this red shoes because of it...

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Finally!! yes finally i'm back in my blog...And since we have a long holiday for festival season i'll make sure i'm going to be regular.. i love everything about this festival except the fact tht i'm going to gain a lots of weight which already started though.. i've gained few pounds already which will be clearly visible in my pics below and god knows how much more will i gain during this break... ok so without much complain i'll leave u with the pics tht i clicked wen i had my college programme.. so enjoy and do tell how it looks..

Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is a quick post where i'll not be blabbering much coz im very busy ryt now.. we are renovating and painting the house and i am really really busy... The things at my house is a mess ryt now i cant find belongings thnk god i am been able to use net which will be gone in 1-2 days temporarily till i re-paint my room and till my room is complete...I still am very confused coz i dont know wht should i do to my room my furnitures are white in color with touch of brown in it and wht color paint should i use wht should be added ans wht not.. i've been browsing the net but not satisfied... if u happen to know any interior blogs or very beautiful pics of rooms and pls fell free to let me know...
                                   Ok as i said i will not be blabering much so i am leaving u with the pics tht i took in the 1st day of my shopping spree....enjoy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey there.. Long since i posted last..the lazyness has taken over me in such a way tht i cant explain it all...(maybe too lazy to do tht too)...nah kidding.. actually i am very busy in my work.. i've re-started my online shopping and am busy there all day apart from going to my collge though.. i cant risk my studies for tht can i?? if u girls havent heard about it yet or if u are my new reader let me tell u i have a group in facebook where i sell very beautiful dresses,shoes,bags,accesories name it i have it.. if u want to know more about it here it is
CLICK HERE . Have a look u might love it who knows?? ..