Saturday, March 31, 2012


                    First thing first,this is a sponsored blog post...The clothes here are provided by POSH,woodland complex,durbarmarg...The shoes however are mine...this along with other six respective post of mine are sponsored by POSH...Let me tell you what POSH is.... POSH is a fashion store which is situated in durbarmarg woodland complex,1st offers the best cloths in ktm valley(tht is wht i think) and the best part is the owner there brings only one set of one cloth which means who will not find any other wearing the same cloth u brought there and trust me their price are reasonable. The clothes found there are very fashionable and beautiful because the owner herself is a fashionista and she hand picks all the clothes herself no compromise in tht...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


  Taking time out from the everyday busy schedule is nearly impossible for me right now...but im trying really hard and i along with a bunch of friends of mine wen to this beautiful place which was a little far away from the dusty,noisy city of ours....i loved the place...and i wore this polka dotted maxi skirt tht i bought a few days back from D.S COLLECTION and termed it with yet another polka dotted top tht i bought frm HAA a long back...i dont know if u guys will like the combo but im sure u'll like the greenery in the pic so enjoy and let me know wht u think..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


can i smell the spring??? yes i think i can..yes i think tht's wht i've waiting for...yes i think it's finally here...this is the outfit i chose to wear for the photoshoot tht i did with a fren of mine few days ago...since the weather was not predictable i thought i'd go safer rather than shivering my lungs i wore this pant tht i bought a year ago in 1 day shopping of fmirror and i thought i never would wear this because i was confused with wht i would term it up with and the cardigan from chocolate which has the same story so i just experimented the both and i kind of liked it....let me know wht u think about it..comment below....and ya the topic has nothing to do with the pics... i just happened to murmer the song and since i coulsn't think of any topic i went better with this...enjoy...

Friday, March 16, 2012


 Weather in my country is going quite peculiar which is so unusual....thinking winter is over i brought summer clothes and a lot..Mr.sun decided to smile his way down and suddenly hides...the weather is going in reverse order in our rains suddenly,the wind is freaking cold..and i do nth else than go to college and back sit in  the couch do my homework and tht's all...i dont even go to my fitness club because miss LAZY has attack me once more....anyway here is some more pics of ssubina photography which we did last time and some more will come later...till then enjoy and i hope the weather is good enough for me to enjoy outside and get some nice pics for my readers.....

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Thank god the sun is finally smiling its way upon us.....i was desperately waiting for the sunshine for the fact tht i dont have to keep layering my outfit which i am totally bad at.....and i totally apologise for being so late at posting it..and i promise it wont happen let me introduce a fren of mine ssubina....she's a photographer,a begginer....she did her short term course in photography and we planned a photoshoot an informal one just to polish her photography skill and my poses :p......this is wht we came up with enjoy...and ya dont forget to like her facebook page  HERE...... I HOPE U'LL APPRECIATE OUR WORK....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


HI everyone!! i hope u all are great...i wanted to start my very own blog shop as my closet is overflowing..and i need some space for my new items..i hope u like it and minf u i dont wear my clothes more than 3 times for dresses its only once....if u want to buy any items email me along with its code number in or u can comment below or post in my fb page HERE... and i will contact u as soon as possible.....